Novak family has made an impression on Eimers

Dec. 8, 2013

Aside from being very impressed with the new field house that his hosts built this past spring, Shorewood girls basketball coach Jeff Eimers also remembered the generosity of someone who helped make it possible.

"I've always had a high regard for the Novak family," he said. "There was a young lady at St. Robert's School (in Shorewood) some years ago who had a heart condition and her mother was a die-hard Marquette (University) basketball fan.

"This was when Steve Novak (former Brown Deer star and son of Athletic Director Mike Novak) was playing for Marquette. The daughter had to have numerous surgeries but every time she went in she made sure that she wore her Novak jersey beforehand."

The girl is now much healthier and in college, Eimers said. Furthermore, Steve Novak, now an NBA player who contributed $100,000 toward the construction of the field house at his alma mater, remains involved in an annual fundraising golf outing for the girl and her family.

Which comes as no surprise to Eimers.

"They (the Novaks) are a very special family," he said.

— Steven L. Tietz

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