Nicolet looking for another football coach as Kozaczuk steps down

March 27, 2012

"We hope to keep this train rolling, we will not take a step back."

That was the attitude of Nicolet Athletic Director Kirk Krychowiak as District Superintendent Dr. Rick Monroe confirmed that first-year football coach Brad Kozaczuk has just tendered a letter of resignation.

The resignation puts Nicolet in the unfortunate situation of having to hire its fifth football coach in as many seasons.

"Every situation is an opportunity," said Monroe. "It is not an easy process to go through but we had to do this last year and we (the football team) were able to come out of it reasonably well."

"I just want people to know that we are totally committed to the football program. ...To the student/athletes who are coming back and to the new student/athletes who are just coming into the program."

"We are going to try and take advantage of this situation as best as possible."

Monroe would not go into the details surrounding the resignation.

Kozaczuk led the Knights to a more-competitive-than-it-looked 3-6 record last year, which equaled the mark earned by Brian Sommers in 2010. Sommers is now the coach at University School.

Krychowiak who said that this will be his third straight April looking for a new coach ("It's part of the job," he said), agreed with Monroe in that the program is still moving forward, with a great many talented young players still coming back next year.

"We will support the program," he said. "All these searches have been a little different and we'll do our search both in-house and outside of it to find a person capable of making sure we stay in the right direction."

"We have a couple of mainstays (assistants) who have been with the program through this mini-resurgence of ours (six wins in two years, the most in any two-year span in quite some time) and we'll look at them too."

"I really believe that we're still on the right course and I think we can challenge for the (WIAA) playoffs this year. We just have to find the right person to give the job too."

"We're not going backwards."


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