Shorewood officials review options to add parking at, near Village Center

Plans could alter parking on Frederick Avenue as well

Feb. 5, 2013

Shorewood - Shorewood officials are considering how best to expand parking along Frederick Avenue as part of the planned resurfacing project for the Village Center parking lot.

The Village Board on Monday discussed two main options proposed by the village engineer that would increase the amount of available parking by anywhere from 11 parking spots, at an estimated cost of $70,000, to 23 spots, at a cost of about $75,000.

Trustee Jeff Hanewall, chair of the Streets and Buildings Committee, explained that the option providing the greater net gain of parking would require converting Frederick Avenue to a one-way street and moving the western curb of the street farther west to allow for diagonal parking. The cost of that option would amount to about $3,250 per new parking space created.

Alternately, the option to add 11 new spots calls for the sidewalk to be shifted farther east, into what is now green space, and for the Village Center parking lot to be reconfigured in order to allow for an additional row of parking stalls in the lot, which currently has 53 stalls. This option would amount to a cost of about $6,363 per new parking space created, Hanewall said.

A third option, to add five parking spaces by switching parking from the east side to the west side of Frederick, already has been implemented, Hanewall noted.

Staff recommended selecting the option that would add 23 spots to the area. However, based on committee discussion, including consideration of input from residents and a business owner, it was determined that another "hybrid" option would be preferred, Hanewall said.

"Strictly from the financial efficiency, cost per parking stall, option two is clearly better," he said. "But it obviously also has more ramifications to the neighborhood."

Hanewall said residents expressed safety concerns about traffic congestion and having to back out of their driveways on a one-way street with diagonal parking. Meanwhile, the committee felt that the option to reconfigure the parking lot would not offer adequate space for vehicles to maneuver through the lot.

The alternate option officials discussed would be to widen Frederick slightly, likely by shifting the western sidewalk farther west, to allow parking on both sides of the street, Hanewall explained. Staff would still need to determine whether that is a viable option and return to the board with a drawing of how it would look, he said.

Village Manager Chris Swartz said the alternate option, if feasible, could add 10 to 11 parking spaces at a cost of about $60,000 to $70,000.

The cost estimates provided for the creation of new parking spaces would be on top of the cost to resurface and implement green design features for the Village Center parking lot, Swartz said, which is estimated at $94,500, with about $15,000 being funded by a grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.

In order to ensure that the project is put out to bid by April, Hanewall said, a board decision will be required soon.

Swartz anticipates the board will take action on the matter either later this month or in March, with the project scheduled to be completed this summer.

Any proposed modifications to Frederick Avenue likely would require a traffic review before they could be implemented. As another component of the project, the board also will need to discuss the possibility of upgrading to more energy-efficient parking lot lighting, such as LED or solar lighting, Swartz noted in a memo.


WHAT:Further Village Board discussion and possible action on the preferred alternative for the Village Center parking lot design

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18

WHERE: Village Hall, 3930 N. Murray Ave.

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