Walny is a ‘real gem’ as Bayside trustee

March 13, 2013

Public Forum:

As a Bayside trustee for 20 years, I've learned a thing or two about Bayside, so I can tell you that we have a real gem in Trustee Eido Walny.

Others can tell you that Eido is a great guy, loving family man and respected businessman and lawyer. I want to share with you a few things people may not know about him.

With a legal and business foundation, Eido brings a special dynamic to our board. He can be very practical but also very technical. He goes above and beyond to research an issue so that our board can make good decisions. That characteristic is a great benefit to all of us. He, along with fellow Trustee Mike Barth, have been key players in keeping the village tax levy flat for the last three years while assuring that Bayside services remain among the best, if not the best, on the North Shore.

Eido comes prepared. We have to process a lot of information as a Bayside trustee, yet I am always impressed that Eido can pull out a fact or figure - often buried in a report to help us make the right decision. He's a busy guy, yet he never lets Bayside's needs become second priority.

Eido is dedicated. He is the first to arrive at a meeting and the last to leave because he wants to learn more about various issues affecting Bayside. He asks great questions and is especially concerned about keeping taxes low and ensuring quality services. That dedication has made Eido a valuable asset to Bayside.

Bayside is in good hands with Trustee Eido Walny. If you truly love Bayside as I do and want to assure our future remains as bright, re-elect Eido Walny and Mike Barth as Bayside Trustee on April 2!

Robb DeGraff

Bayside Trustee

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