North Shore WKCE results reflect new scale

Published on: 5/1/2013

If parents across the North Shore saw their child test 'proficient' instead of 'advanced' in math and reading when looking at results of the 2012-13 Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination, there's a reason for that.

WKCE tests students in grades three through eight and grade 10 in math, reading, language arts, science and social studies.

The test places students in four performance categories, 'minimum,' 'basic,' 'proficient' or 'advanced.' This year, parents may have seen their child drop a category in math and reading. That does not mean the student is not working at their same level. The drop was caused by a change in the state's assessment standards to a more rigorous scale, which affected the number of students in the categories.

The questions are the same, but the scale to which the results are measured has changed. The state is working to change test questions in coming years. The test time will also move from fall to spring as it rolls out the Smarter Balanced Assessment to be implemented in the spring of 2014.

North Shore school districts' WKCE Results

Percentage of students Proficient and Advanced in reading/math

3rd4th5th 6th7th8th10th
Brown Deer 79.8/72.333.7/48.887.6/80.220.9/30.273.3/72.321.6/38.782.7/77.617.3/46.180.7/80.726.4/46.786.8/85.134.9/49.289.1/79.837.5/36.7
Fox Point- Bayside96.7/95.663.7/73.893.8/9059.8/81.591.9/91.966.7/78.393.8/89.660.6/69.693.5/91.372.7/67.696/94.968.7/76N/AN/A
Glendale- River Hills88.4/85.352/5798.1/86.633.3/46.285.3/73.642.6/54.687.8/78.741.1/46.790.9/81.945.9/54.188.2/79.642.9/50.6N/AN/A
Maple Dale- Indian Hill87/82.645.1/60.897.5/95.242.5/44.786/85.950/71.798.1/88.763.3/73.392.5/87.567.3/74.594.1/92.260/57.5N/AN/A
Mequon- Thiensville92/93.660/7494.8/95.358.7/76.697/97.459.6/8094.5/96.262.2/82.595.9/95.258.4/75.596.2/92.471/74.993.7/9268.8/71.1
Nicolet N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A98.3/84.757.3/61.7
Shorewood 92.2/87.749.6/70.889.5/84.660/73.488.9/91.148.4/63.994.1/93.461.9/77.891.8/89.556.3/68.989.2/88.556.3/59.392/84.657/73.1
Whitefish Bay 95.3/9256/71.393.2/92.654.8/72.695.1/91.454.6/73.393.9/92.965.1/75.695.8/95.465.6/7692.8/90.960.8/69.492.6/91.365.6/66.4
State 79.7/76.734.9/4881.4/80.132.9/4980.4/79.234.9/5184.3/78.834.7/52.285.8/8137/47.383.7/79.440.2/4578.2/71.238.4/44.4

Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction