North Shore Fire Department facing three-year sunset

Fox Point may continue to push for lowered contribution

July 31, 2012

At the request of Fox Point and River Hills officials, the North Shore Fire Department is looking to add a three-year sunset clause to its funding formula.

The sunset clause, as presented to the NSFD board of directors on July 25, will require that the funding formula be re-examined, redrafted, and approved by the seven member communities in three years - the same process of approval that has been ongoing throughout this summer as the communities have passed judgment on the funding formula that will take effect in the 2013 budget year.

As required by the NSFD agreement, the board receives 30 days to mull over the change, and it will then be up to the member communities to approve the amendment and send the formula back to the NSFD board for ultimate approval.

River Hills tabled the funding formula in June, expressing interest in a sunset clause of five years. After Fox Point officials approved a request for a three-year clause, River Hills fell in step and approved a three-year clause as well.

At a July 10 Village Board meeting, Fox Point trustees expressed concern over the village's share of the NSFD budget - 10.31 percent - as included in the proposed funding formula.

Fox Point Village President Michael West drafted a letter to the NSFD board, requesting that Fox Point's percentage be reconsidered, though there was no discussion on the subject at the meeting last week and the percentages remain the same.

"There didn't seem to be any members who would seriously consider making a change," River Hills Village President Robert Brunner told North Shore NOW. "The presumption is that all seven communities will be voting positive (at the next NSFD board meeting)."

Still, Fox Point may continue to press the point before the next NSFD board meeting.

"I'm sure (the trustees) will bring it up again with Mike (West)," said Fox Point Village Administrator Susan Robertson, "and maybe advance that if they ask him to."

NSFD Funding Formula

(Proposed percentages of operating, maintenance and capital budgets)

Community Percent
Bayside 6.2
Brown Deer 17.69
Fox Point 10.31
Glendale 28.16
River Hills 2.94
Shorewood 17.45
Whitefish Bay 17.25

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