News & Notes: Sept. 5

Sept. 5, 2012

Volunteers needed for Bayside picnic

Bayside - Bayside officials are calling for volunteers for its upcoming village picnic Saturday.

The picnic runs from noon through 5 p.m. at Ellsworth Park, and volunteers are needed for setup, cleanup and serving.

Residents interested in helping can contact Finance Director Lynn Galyardt at (414) 351-8812 or lgalyardt@

Village close to signing agreement on water services

Thiensville - The Village Board on Tuesday gave preliminary approval toward an agreement that sets in motion a plan for the village to assist in the cost of new water main construction for residents in the Laurel Acres subdivision.

The agreement is between three entities - the Laurel Acres Water Trust, the village and the Mequon Water Utility, which provides water to residents living in the subdivision.

As outlined in the agreement, a new water delivery system is being constructed. The agreement spells out the manner in which the work can take place and the terms of inspection.

The Village Board will make a final vote on the agreement at its next regular meeting Sept. 17.

Estabrook easement likely to cost Bay

Whitefish Bay - Whitefish Bay is looking at a $50,000 charge from Milwaukee County for an easement through Estabrook Park.

While working on plans to build a stormwater pipe parallel to an existing pipe that runs underground from Wilson Drive to the Milwaukee River, village staff found that easements from Milwaukee County had not been granted back when the pipe had originally been installed in the 1950s. Without an easement, the village can't perform maintenance on the existing pipe or install a new one.

Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee County came to an agreement that the easement cost $50,000 - the same amount Shorewood recently paid for a similar easement.

Though the Village Board approved the $50,000 price tag, at the request of board members, Village Manager Patrick DeGrave will go to County Executive Chris Abele in the hopes of reducing or eliminating the cost altogether.

Bay approves first step for turf infield

Whitefish Bay - The Village Board voted Tuesday to pledge $50,000 - and possibly more down the road - toward the cost of installing artificial turf in the infield of the baseball diamond at Cahill Park.

Friends of Bay Baseball intend to raise an additional $150,000 to round out the projected total cost of $200,000.

Head of Junior Dukes youth football Carl Fuda presented the plan to the board, saying that FOBB has already been canvassing for donations and that the primary advantage of a turf infield is durability.

"Our fields are in disrepair," Fuda told the board. "If you put field turf in, you can basically run unencumbered for as long as you like."

FOBB plans to begin fundraising Oct. 1 and have the funds ready by September 2013. The board voted, 5-1, to provide the $50,000, with trustee Richard Foster objecting to the idea of a turf infield and ultimately casting a nay vote.

Village receiving grant toward river walk project

Thiensville - The village has received a $45,000 national recreation trails matching grant toward the next phase, a river walk that is to connect Thiensville Village Park to Green Bay Road.

The Mequon-Thiensville Rotary Club has been instrumental in obtaining the matching grant. The village is paying the balance of the project.

Grant dollars will be contributed from a variety of sources, including the state Department of Natural Resources and federal government.

Proposal would divide MMSD property

Glendale - The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District plans to divide a 1.8-acre lot at 2737 W. Mill Road into two separate parcels, pending approval from the Glendale Common Council.

The Plan Commission voted on Tuesday to recommend Common Council approval of the certified survey map dividing the parcel.

MMSD originally acquired the property for construction of the 27th Street deep tunnel project, which is now complete. The certified survey map proposes to divide the site, zoned as a business-office district, into a 0.44-acre lot, which includes the deep tunnel access shaft and a control building, and a 1.36-acre lot, which includes an unoccupied commercial structure.

MMSD would retain the 0.44-acre lot and easement rights across the larger lot, both for access to the smaller lot and for an easement for the deep tunnel, according to a staff report.

Consulting firm hired to review Mandel project

Whitefish Bay - John Mann of consulting firm Mannedge will review Mandel Group's proposed $27 million luxury apartment project.

Mann's task will be to review the construction pricing provided by Mandel and judge the "ballpark" accuracy of the overall construction cost.

"He will look over all the numbers and tell us if they're fair or not," Village Manager Patrick DeGrave told the board.

The Village Board voted Tuesday to pay Mann $2,000 for the work, with an additional $3,000 set aside for time and materials costs if and when the village needs to bring him back on as the project proceeds.

Two professionals joining fire department

Thiensville - The Village Board on Tuesday gave preliminary approval for hiring two members into the Thiensville Fire Department.

Austin Hayes, 22, has a background in emergency medical technician services. He currently works for Paratech Ambulance Service and is certified as a firefighter, driver and operator and EMT.

Amanda Mielenz, 26, is enrolling in firefighter school.

The board will vote on both applications at its next regular meeting Sept. 17.

Village officials dispute 2012 Census figures

Thiensville - The village plans to challenge the population estimate of 3,228 that has been set for 2012 by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

Based on the state DOA's figures, the agency's reported number represents a loss of seven people in the community, resulting in a 0.2 percent drop, based on formal figures tallied in 2010.

Village Administrator Dianne Robertson said she does not agree with the numbers, pointing to several incidents of younger families with children moving into homes that had been occupied by older residents.

Municipalities incurring decreases in population figures could receive less income from the state. There is no cost to the village to formally challenge the state DOA's figures.

Round of borrowing approved in Bay

Whitefish Bay - The Village Board approved resolutions for bonding of approximately $4.7 million Tuesday night.

The bulk of the bonds, nearly $3 million, will be used to refinance village debt at an approximate interest savings of $20,000 per year, according to Village Manager Patrick DeGrave.

Other bond projects include an approximately $1 million refurbishing and repainting of the village water tower; a quarter of a million to stave off the emerald ash borer; and approximately $400,000 in stormwater work.

Sale of the bonds and the village's final resolution are scheduled for Oct. 1.

Village making changes to flexible benefit plan

Thiensville - The village plans to amend its employee flexible benefit plan, based on a proposal unveiled Tuesday.

Beginning in January, the maximum salary reduction an employee can contribute toward a health care reimbursement within the course of a plan year is $2,500.

The change is borne out of new federal regulations that go into effect in 2013.

The Village Board took the issue up this week at its Committee of the Whole meeting. Final approval will be acted on Sept. 17 at the next regular board meeting.

ACT registration deadline approaching

Students who wish to take the ACT on Oct. 27 have until Sep. 21 to complete registration.

Students may register online at, or may obtain a hard copy registration form from their counselor or from ACT.

The ACT, without a writing test, is $35. With the writing section, the cost is $50.50.

More errant addresses in Mequon ZIP code change

Mequon - Resident Warren Stumpe, who has encouraged Mequon residents to check that their addresses are properly classified as being in Mequon - not in Thiensville - has reported that a number of people have found their addresses misclassified.

He urges Mequon residents to check their addresses on the U.S. Postal Service website, People with incorrect addresses can contact Stumpe at and he will contact USPS for them.

Concordia using village streets for homecoming parade

Thiensville - Meeting as a Committee of the Whole, the Village Board on Tuesday tentatively approved a request by Concordia University to hold its homecoming parade within the community.

Concordia plans to hold its parade from 5 to 6 p.m. Oct. 3, with a rain date of Oct. 4.

The parade will begin at Green Bay Road in front of Walgreens and continue onto Elm Street. The parade ends at Thiensville Village Park.

The board will make a final vote on Concordia's proposal at its next meeting Sept. 17.

Halloween Extreme set to open

Glendale - Halloween Extreme will soon begin operating for its fifth year in Glendale.

The Plan Commission on Tuesday approved the use and occupancy of a 7,000-square-foot space at 200 W. Silver Spring Road for the seasonal costume specialty shop, through Nov. 10.

Hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. A total of 20 employees will work at the store. No outdoor displays will be allowed.

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