News & Notes: Nov. 20

Nov. 20, 2013

Bayside gives thumbs up

to NSFD funding formula

Bayside — The Bayside Village Board on Tuesday put their stamp of approval on the proposed North Shore Fire Department funding formula agreement.

The Fire Department Board will vote on the proposed formula on Monday. The new formula is estimated to increase Bayside's allocation by 0.3 percent by 2020.

Municipalities' allocation to the Fire Department would be based 40 percent on usage; 30 percent on population; and 30 percent on overall equalized value. The proposed formula counts all types of property value — residential, commercial and industrial — equally. The current formula weighs commercial and industrial property types higher than residential properties.

Bayside currently contributes $709,832. Under the proposed formula, they would pay an estimated $745,324 in 2020.

Signals in flashing mode

at Silver Spring, Bay Ridge

Whitefish Bay — Traffic signals have been adjusted to flashing yellow on Silver Spring Drive and flashing red on Bay Ridge Avenue at their intersection.

Whitefish Bay Public Works Director Daniel Naze reported to the Village Board that the change was made Monday and will remain in effect at least through the duration of the Mandel apartment building project.

Modifying the standard signal at the intersection is something the village has contemplated for a while, Naze said, adding that the lights seemed to have caused more traffic accidents and violations than they prevent.

Particularly, Police Chief Michael Young noted that drivers have frequently run red lights while traveling east or west along Silver Spring. Ideally there should be 500 to 700 feet between traffic signals, Naze added, but those are only about 250 feet from Lydell Avenue.

The volume of traffic along Bay Ridge is insignificant compared to that of Silver Spring, he said, adding that the village may eventually wish to conduct an analysis to determine how to better control traffic at that intersection.

Environmental remediation

needed for village property

Whitefish Bay — Whitefish Bay will begin completing environmental remediation as required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for a property it owns at 5201 W. Good Hope Road in Milwaukee.

At the request of the village manager and attorney, the Village Board on Monday approved the transfer of $132,000 from the village's insurance savings to its capital fund. The board agreed to designate the full amount for remediation work to be completed at the site by the Sigma Group, with the understanding that $32,000 of those funds may be redirected to other projects.

Village Manager Patrick DeGrave explained that transferring the funds allows them to be carried over to 2014. He described the environmental remediation required for the property as being a "very long-term" project, with the $100,000 needed to simply get started on the work.

The village is working with Sigma due to the company's familiarity with the site, DeGrave said. Work to be completed by the company includes monitoring well inventory and development and conducting groundwater monitoring and source area delineation activities on the 14-acre property, located on the south side of Good Hope Road, east of 52nd Street.

During the late 1980s, chlorinated solvents were detected in significant concentrations in the property's soil and groundwater, with source areas located primarily in the southern and southwestern portion of the site. The DNR is now requesting information regarding the subsurface conditions of the site and future plans to address any issues that may be identified.

Tunneling work continues

in Estabrook Park

Whitefish Bay — Work on stormwater improvements at Estabrook Park is expected to pick up again, following a hiatus after a fiber optic utility was discovered in the intended pathway of a 60-inch storm sewer pipe.

The Village Board on Monday approved a change order request from Public Works Director Daniel Naze to increase project funding by $162,500, in order for Super Excavators Inc. to expose the fiber optics line, owned by Qwest Communications, and attempt to raise it above the tunnel crown for the pipe.

The proposal includes excavation from the northern bridge abutment going northeast for about 50 feet, as well as excavation and sloping back of the bike path embankment, and tree removal from the bridge to a point 75 feet north and over Wilson Street.

Naze estimated that the stormwater project, which has been on hold for several weeks, will now take about eight additional weeks to complete.

Village Attorney Chris Jaekels said he would work with Naze to conduct a legal analysis to determine whether GAI Consultants, formerly Crispell-Snyder, the design engineer for the project, may be responsible for covering any of the costs related to the work being completed under the change order.

Lakeshore Veterinary

first in nation

Glendale — Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists, 2100 West Silver Spring Drive, is the first veterinary clinic nationwide to receive a critical care certification, according to a LVS news release.

Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists is now certified as a Level 1 "emergency and critical care facility." The certification, the highest available rating, means the clinic is capable of providing emergency and critical care around the clock.

The purpose of the certification, according to rating organization Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, is to publicly recognize animal hopsital which meet their standards and thereby increase the overall level of care available.

"We are immensely proud of our fantastic team of highly skilled and compassionate clinicians," said Elke Rudloff, Lakeshore emergency and critical care specialist.

Village to file urban

forestry grant

Bayside — Village officials on Tuesday approved filing an urban forestry grant to continue Bayside's tree-planting efforts and the Adopt-a-Tree program.

The grant, run through the Department of Natural Resources, provides $25,000 in matching funds each year. The funds will also be used for the village's tree inventory program, which dictates what ash trees need to be removed due to the presence of the tree-killing emerald ash borer.

Bayside Starbucks gets

OK to extend hours

Bayside — The Bayside Village Board on Tuesday amended a conditional-use permit so Starbucks, 383 W. Brown Deer Road, can extend its hours to 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

The current hours run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bayside board approves

mutual aid agreements

Bayside — Village officials Tuesday passed two North Shore mutual aid agreements — one for law enforcement and the other for municipal services.

The Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement outlines procedures for the request of additional resources in an emergency, enabling communication center dispatchers to assign the closest located squad to a life-threatening emergency.

For example, if there is an emergency in Fox Point, and a Bayside squad is closest, Bayside would respond.

The Municipal Services Mutual Aid Agreement allows for inter-jurisdictional assistance during disaster relief efforts.

Residents likely to see water rate increase in fourth quarter

Mequon — A 5 percent increase in Mequon's water utility rates is likely to take effect before the end of the year.

In an update to the Common Council, City Administrator Lee Szymborski said the Wisconsin Public Service Commission held a public hearing on the rate increase request in early November and is likely to rule on it within the next couple weeks.

Water utility customers are likely to see the increase on their fourth quarter bills, Szymborski said. It will be the first full rate increase since the utility was acquired in 2009, he added.

Mequon OKs changes

to sign, banner ordinances

Mequon — With electronic message signs becoming more common in Mequon, the city has decided to modify its regulations on how frequently messages on the signs can change.

Although some expressed concerns on the potential safety risk of frequently changing sign messages, which might pose a distraction, the Common Council approved amending the time restrictions for sign changes from once every 15 minutes to once every 30 seconds.

Community Development Director Kim Tollefson explained that most state regulations on electronic message signs along state highways, including Wisconsin's, allow messages to change within a range of once every six to 15 seconds, which has not been shown to be any more distracting than sign messages that change less frequently.

Aldermen requested that the change be reviewed within six to nine months to get feedback from the public.

The council also approved changes to the city's ordinance regulating seasonal banners, to specify that businesses and institutions will be allowed four banner signs per year, provided that 30 feet of separation be maintained between banners. A permit will be required and a fee assessed in order to post banner signs.

Banners will be allowed to be posted this holiday season beginning one week before Thanksgiving through Jan. 2, 2014. The permit and fee requirement of the ordinance amendment will be waived this season, but will be enforced for 2014 effective at the beginning of the year.

Aldermen requested that the rules be suspended to approve both changes on Nov. 12 in order to allow businesses and organizations to take advantage of them during the holidays.

Glendale approves

lawn business

Glendale — The Glendale Plan Commission last week approved The Lawn Professor to take up occupancy of a building at 6161 N. Flint Road.

Plan commissioners approved the use and occupancy of the business subject to approval by the North Shore Fire Department regarding the storage of fertilizer.

Plan Commission backs warehouse expansion

Glendale — City officials last week moved forward plans for the expansion of Machi Produce's warehouse at 4215 to 4237 N. Port Washington Road.

The Glendale Plan Commission sent a positive recommendation to the Common Council to approve the certified survey map to allow for the expansion of Machi's distribution warehouse.


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