News & Notes: Feb. 20

Published on: 2/20/2013

Fox Point-Bayside School Board OK's roofing cost

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside School Board on Monday voted in favor of a roofing bid of more than $73,000 toward repairs at portions of the district-owned Dunwood Center.

Director of Business Services Amy Kohl said there have been three areas of the facility that have been in need of work.

'There's been a significant amount of water going into the insulation in recent years,' Kohl said.

While most facility upgrades take place in the summer months - when school is not in session - Kohl said work can take place imminently at Dunwood since none of the district's students attend classes at the facility.

'We can get a much better bang for our buck because we're doing it during the school year,' Kohl said.

District's 2013-14 calendar approved by School Board

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside School Board on Monday approved the district's 2013-14 calendar that largely is designed to mimic what is in place at Nicolet High School.

One change from years past is the use of early-release days that have been slated for every other Wednesday as an opportunity for teachers to engage in professional development opportunities. School will be dismissed one hour and 10 minutes earlier than usual.

District Administrator Rachel Boechler said it is possible options might be sought for parents of younger students in terms of child care.

'We might look internally to see if there is something we can do about that,' Boechler said.

Fox Point-Bayside might get new logo, slogan

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside School District might adopt a new logo and slogan. The scenario was discussed Monday as the School Board acted on a document outlining a list of missions, values and visions into the future.

The district's current logo depicts the historic Stormonth Elementary School building, and the tag line reads, 'A valuable education. An education with values.'

District Administrator Rachel Boechler said the project will be of no cost to the district. Volunteers will be sought to come up with ideas.

Review of board policies to wrap next month

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside School Board and administrators are expected to wrap up a large-scale project, entailing a look through all board policies and removing antiquated language.

School Board President Mike Weiss said he was concerned about some of the existing policies, which are not being enforced. He demonstrated the depth of the board's policies by pointing to a thick binder that contained all existing documents.

'There's so much information in here, and there's no way it can all be followed,' Weiss said. 'We have a lot of things in here that are just not value added.'

During a review at Monday's meeting, the board examined policies pertaining to district programs and student activities.

Whitefish Bay budget

projections favorable

Whitefish Bay - The Whitefish Bay School District is planning for a $50 per-pupil increase for the 2013-14 school year, said Business Services Director Shawn Yde during a School Board meeting last week.

He said they are optimistic about next year's budget and because of enrollment growth they are in a position to give a 'very slight increase' in pay, but not enough to address issues that were raised regarding teacher compensation during the meeting.

Should the per-pupil increase occur, the district will have $136,000 in additional money to spend year-to-year. However, he is also projecting a 6 percent increase to health care costs with a modest salary increase.

New police officer

appointed to Thiensville

Thiensville - The Thiensville Village Board on Monday appointed Eric L. Lusty as a new police officer.

Village Administrator Dianne Robertson administered the oath of office.

Village appoints new members to committees

Thiensville - Steve Meyer and Barkha Daily were appointed to the Business Renaissance Committee by the Village Board on Monday.

John Liegeois was appointed to the Bike and Pedestrian Committee. He will replace Tom Clark.

Shorewood discusses parking lot designs

Shorewood - The Shorewood Village Board on Tuesday looked at design options for the Village Hall parking lot, ultimately deciding to not move forward with widening the roadway and re-review the potential project at a later date.

The design options included one-way southbound traffic on Frederick Avenue and angle parking on the west side; reconfiguring Village Center Parking Lot to add stalls within the lot; or widening Frederick Avenue to allow parallel parking on both sides of the street.

The Village Board determined it was not critical to move forward with a new design at the present time.

District sets calendar

for 2013-14 school year

Shorewood - The Shorewood School District now has a calendar in place for the 2013-14 school year.

The School Board approved the calendar as recommended, although board members expressed concerns with regard to setting spring break for the upcoming school year and in future years.

Spring break next year will begin March 31, with school resuming on April 7. Superintendent Martin Lexmond said the break coincides with the end of the third quarter, which seemed to be the most logical time for a break, from an educational standpoint.

Board member David Cobb suggested that it would be more ideal to align the break with that of Milwaukee Public Schools, in order to prevent hardship for parents who may have children attending schools in MPS as well as Shorewood.

'No matter how you land spring break, you create hardship for someone,' Lexmond noted.

Board member Ruth Treisman recalled that last year the board committed to having spring break fall during the last week of March, with the intention that all North Shore school districts over the course of the next three years eventually would be planning their spring breaks during the same week.

Business Services Director Mark Boehlke said it was his intention to fulfill that commitment by beginning spring break on the last Monday of March.

Board members agreed that spring break should consistently be set during the last week of March for future school year calendars. Board member Colin Plese also suggested that the board begin planning calendars two years in advance, in order to give parents and staff more time to plan.

The 2013-14 calendar dates also includes a start date of Sept. 3, with the last day of school falling on June 12. Winter break would begin on Dec. 23, with school resuming Jan. 2. The calendar complies with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirements.

Bayside welcomes

two new employees

Bayside - The village of Bayside has hired two new employees: Rebecca VanRegenmorter and Daniel Driscoll.

VanRegenmorter will serve as a management assistant, where she will be responsible for assisting with human resources, payroll and accounting functions, election administration, implementing the village's five strategic values, and compiling and analyzing the village's performance measurement metrics.

Originally from Michigan, she comes to Bayside from Washington, D.C., where she worked for the International City/County Management Association.

Driscoll has been appointed as the Bayside Communications Center Director, which serves all seven North Shore communities and the North Shore Fire Department. He is retired after 27 years with the U.S. Navy, most recently serving as captain, serving overseas as well as in administrative capacities in Washington, D.C.

City officials approve two

special gathering permits

Glendale - The Glendale Common Council approved two special gathering permits. Organizations and businesses are required to take out the permit when a large-scale event is planned.

The council granted a permit to St. John's Lutheran Church, 7877 N. Port Washington Road, which is holding its ninth annual dinner auction from 5 to 11 p.m. Feb. 23. Church officials anticipate about 200 people attending the event.

A permit also was granted to the St. Francis Children's Center, 6700 N. Port Washington Road, which will hold its annual fundraising event from 7 to 10 p.m. March 23. About 400 people are expected to take part in the event.

Glendale's special gathering permit is $10. If applicable, an additional $200 also is required for auxiliary police services.

City firm for sanitary

sewer rehab work

Glendale - The Glendale Common Council voted to pay Madison-based Terra Engineering and Construction Corporation $347,341 for work the firm completed on the city's sanitary sewer rehabilitation project in areas throughout the city.

Terra's initial contract with the city carried a $429,958 price tag, and $1,471 was later added, bringing the total contract cost to $431,429.

The amount approved Monday by the council reflects the value of the work that has been completed to date.