Fuel surcharge to be considered in Glendale

March 26, 2012

Glendale leaders will consider adding a fuel surcharge to tickets issued in the city should the cost of gasoline continue to rise.

The Common Council tonight resurrected a proposal dating back to the 2008budget discussions.

Both traffic tickets and other types of violations could be considered for the added surcharge.

Police Chief Tom Czarnyszka said he would provided statistics on the numbers and types of tickets issued in the city as well as the percentage of fees collected from the tickets. The information would help the council determine if the surcharge should be added to all tickets or traffic tickets only.

The city gets a federal tax credit each month for the fuel it purchases. That amounts to 18 cents per gallon. Mobil also provides the city with a 2 cent per gallon credit each month for each gallon purchased.

The state allows a credit for fuel for off-road vehicles such as lawn mowers but that does not add up to much because of the small amount of fuel used by those vehicles.

City Administrator Richard Maslowski said if gas exceeds $4.50 per gallon, it will have an impact on the 2012 budget which anticipated fuel rising to slight more than $4 a gallon.

Once the additional information on tickets and fees is available, the council plans to discuss the fuel surcharge again.

Most city tickets are issued to non residents, according to City Attorney John Fuchs, so the fuel surcharge is not likely to impact many residents.

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