Fox Point-Bayside School Board recall set in motion

May 8, 2013

Fox Point - District parent David Braeger, alongside his attorney, turned in documents Wednesday morning to begin the process of recalling three Fox Point-Bayside School Board members.

The three recall petitions will target School Board President Debbie Friberg along with board members Tim Melchert and Alice Lawton. Braeger himself has filed as a recall candidate against all three.

According to recall guidelines from the state Government Accountability Board, after registering a recall, petitioners have 60 days to gather signatures. A recall petition must have 25 percent of the number of votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.

According to Braeger's attorney, separate petitions will need to be circulated to initiate a recall for each board member. Braeger estimates he will need approximately 1,400 signatures for each petition.

Braeger decided to begin the recall after attending public layoff hearings Tuesday night, where parents, teachers, and staff testified on behalf of four district teachers in danger of being laid off. The recalls are the culmination of a controversy stretching back over several recent board meetings at which crowds of angry teachers, parents, and students have protested staffing and scheduling changes which amount to reductions in "specials" - arts, music, technology, and physical education classes - in the coming school year.

"It is abundantly clear that our system is broken," Braeger said in a statement. "We have a district administrator who is leaving, and we have three remaining members of the School Board who were not recently elected that are nothing more than a 'rubber stamp' for her agenda."

"Just like any elected official, these School Board members have clearly shown that whether they intend to or not," added Braeger, "their legacy will be to have left a school system that will be significantly deteriorated."

The recall doesn't target recently elected board members Michael Weidner and Libby Wick, who Braeger said haven't been on the board long enough to be at fault.

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