Fox Point candidates react to write-in bid

March 18, 2014

Fox Point — Village Board candidates Christine Symchych and Terry McGauran, critical of newcomer Marty Tirado's write-in approach, maintain they're the best choices.

Symchych, 44, is finishing her first term on the board and is seeking re-election. McGauran, 70, ran last year but lost to incumbents Douglas H. Frazer and Eric Fonstad.

Until Tirado launched a write-in bid in late February, Symchych and McGauran were running unopposed for two seats on the Village Board. In an interview, Symchych criticized Tirado's write-in bid, saying that she and McGauran publicly and openly put themselves "on the candidacy papers, deal with campaign finance, and work through a very set, precise, legal system. (Tirado) thinks it's okay to buck the system."



The footbridge issue

McGauran and Symchych similarly criticized Tirado's attempt to center the election around the Bridge Lane Ravine footbridge. They also took issue with Tirado's use of outspoken footbridge opponent Larry Booth's cost estimates and instead referred to the most recent estimate which said the footbridge could cost just shy of $1 million to rebuild. The most accurate estimate will come to light in April when bids for the reconstruction project will come to the Village Board for consideration.

"The one thing I've proven is that I'm able to listen, and learn, and absorb," Symchych said. "It's a lot more complex than taking a single issue platform forward. That's not an effective way to govern."

A business background

McGauran, a retired Johnson Controls manager, said his business background makes him well-suited to the task of reviewing village budgets and expenses.



"I have the experience and background to look at things in a reasonable manner and go along with following the village statement," McGauran said, "maintaining this neighborhood and community in a fashion that makes it attractive as a residential community."

McGauran said his number one goal as a trustee would be to improve property values villagewide while controlling costs.

Trustee experience

Symchych touted her experience as a trustee and career as a municipal planner, which she said has a "very pertinent, direct relationship" with her work on the board and helps her think through issues. She said she has been and will continue to be open to dialogue with village residents.

"With some of the long term issues in the community, my views have morphed because of citizen input," Symchych said. "What I've realized, sitting in the chair, is that I'm not representing me, or another person, but the 6,600 people in the village."

Symchych added that an important part of her stance is bringing real facts and numbers to public debates.

"Things get very distorted when that doesn't happen," Symchych said.

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