Congregation Shalom denied statue lighting

Board debates residential nature of village

Nov. 13, 2013

Fox Point — Congregation Shalom will not be allowed to light the two metal statues fronting Santa Monica Boulevard.

A motion to allow lighting on the two approximately 25-foot tall statues failed on a 3-3 tie at the Village Board on Tuesday. Trustees Bill Warner, Douglas H. Frazer and Village President Michael West voted for the lighting, while trustees F.R. Dengel, Beverly Bell and Eric Fonstad voted against it.

The Plan Commission had previously recommended approval of the lighting on a 4-2 vote.

The crux of the discussion Tuesday was a particular point of the village lighting ordinance that says that any new lighting must comply with the residential nature of the village.

"We're a residential community," Fonstad said. "If we approve lighting these sculptures, what do we do when somebody else wants to light something in their yard?"

Frazer, on the other hand, pointed to other properties along Santa Monica Boulevard zoned "institutional" like the Congregation Shalom, all of which have had lighting for decades.

"These are all in residential areas. These have all been lit in one way or another since the 50s and 60s," Frazer said.

Rrepresentatives from Congregation Shalom said the neighbor across the street enjoys the statues and suggested the lighting. Only one other neighbor, Bob Cory, came to the meeting to weigh in.

Cory told the board that they should deny the lighting and bear in mind any precedent that an approval might cause.

"(Fox Point) is a bedroom community," Cory said, "and this facility sits right in the middle of a bedroom community."

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