Brown Deer mulls over early budget figures

Oct. 16, 2012

Brown Deer - Although staff still has to fill in a few blanks in the proposed 2013 budget, the Brown Deer Village Board this week discussed both a balanced budget and a slight increase to the overall tax levy.

During a board workshop on Tuesday, trustees were given an overview of the total budget, expenditures, and the levy, as well as a breakdown of various department funds in an effort, to garner an understanding of any decreases or increases in spending.

Limiting the levy

Estimates for the tax levy are preliminary; however, the proposed budget does include a hike of $9,315, said Village Treasurer Bridget Souffrant.

Brown Deer is limited by the state as to how much they can raise the current levy. It can only be raised by 0.38 percent at the most for net new construction or if the village has an eligible carry-forward fund from previous years' levies. Brown Deer can carry forward more than $38,000.

Under the state's rules, the village could opt to increase the levy by as much as $38,000 - far in excess of the current plan, Souffrant said.

Valuation change factor

What impact a $9,315 increase in the levy would have on an individual homeowner's tax bill demands on that home's valuation, which could have gone up or down this year, based on comparable sales within the village. If a home's value decreased, chances are so will the tax bill. An increase would likely have the opposite effect.

"If you are looking at an average resident and overall valuation went down 7 to 10 percent that average resident would go down by 7 to 10 percent, which would reduce that dollar amount," said Village Manager Russel Van Gompel.

Van Gompel said levy numbers still need to be refined.

Pension contributions

The 2013 budget also details an increase to the percentage of premium employees will pay for their insurance. Employees currently on the village's health insurance will be contributing 11 percent to their premium in 2013, which is a 1 percent increase from 2012.

All nonrepresentative employees, including former AFSCME employees, will be contributing 6.65 percent to the Wisconsin Retirement Systems.

Brown Deer budget discussions will continue in coming weeks.

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