Braeger calls off Fox Point-Bayside recall

May 20, 2013

Fox Point — Fox Point-Bayside School District parent David Braeger announced Monday that his School Board recall effort, launched just shy of two weeks ago, is at an end.

In a statement Braeger said that attention from outside arts interest groups, which he says would use the district for their own political ends, and assurances from teachers union president Mark Conforti, have led him to rescind the recalls he had filed against School Board President Debbie Friberg as well as board members Alice Lawton and Tim Melchert.

"Although I am in total agreement with (interest groups') cause, I can't let these highly organized groups use our community and school as the 'poster child' of weakened curriculum and schedule," Braeger said in the release, adding of Conforti, "he is the chief negotiator and the voice of the teachers and I must respect that."

While Braeger indicated he isn't confident in Friberg, Lawton and Melchert, he said newly elected board members Michael Weidner and Libby Wick can "bring in new ideas and leadership." He added that he hopes the district's incoming superintendent — recently announced to be Vance Dalzin from Williams Bay in Walworth County — can change the atmosphere in the district and resolve lingering schedule and curriculum concerns.

Friberg  didn’t offer any comment on the recall other than to say it hadn’t influenced her recent votes on School Board matters, and wouldn’t have factored into future votes.

“The recall efforts weren’t impacting any of my decisions, anyway,” said Friberg. “(Braeger’s) actions didn’t sway me one way or the other. It had no impact on me.”


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