Board holds off on Dean Road decision until public hearing

Feb. 6, 2013

Brown Deer - Village Board members want more time and input from the school district and residents before choosing a construction alternative on Dean Road between 55th Street and Teutonia Avenue.

After deliberating the four available options, which include resurfacing and varying amounts of sidewalk along either the north or south side of Dean Road, the board tabled the discussion and called for a joint public hearing and meeting with the School District.

"All of us had different questions," trustee Gary Springman said. "We're trying to get some facts and figures."

Trustees' questions revolved around a federal Safe Routes to School grant that the School District applied for and received last year. In total the district was awarded almost $300,000, about $217,000 of which is directly applicable to road and sidewalk construction.

The district's grant proposal was written with the first sidewalk option in mind - also the most expensive - which includes new sidewalk along the south side of Dean Road from 55th Street to Teutonia at a cost of about $482,000. Factoring in the grant, the village would need to put up about $265,000 in its 2013 capital budget to complete the project. Community polls have been split on which is the preferred option: 61 percent of respondents at an information meeting last summer chose the first option, and 45 percent (the majority) of respondents to an online village survey chose a less costly option which would build a sidewalk on the north side of Dean Road from 55th to 46th streets and on the east side of Dean Road from North Meadowside Court to Teutonia.

Trustees want to find out at the upcoming meeting if the grant would still be applicable if one of the other three design options would be used in place of the design described in the grant application, and also referred several design questions to village engineers.

"My suspicion is that if we're continuing along with the intent of the grant program, we can make changes," said Planning and Zoning Special Nate Piotrowski. He said the village will work with the district and Department of Transportation to find an answer before the joint meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for late February or early March.

In the meantime the village will send out notices for the joint meeting to residents in the area of the proposed construction.

If the board approves a design at the upcoming meeting, the project could move into the design stage in March, bidding in mid-April, contractor selection in June, and construction in July and August.


Cost of various Dean Road construction alternatives:

$481,600: Option 1, sidewalk on south side of Dean Road from 55th Street to Teutonia; approximately $265,000 with Safe Routes to School grant

$428,934: Option 2, sidewalk on north side of Dean Road from 55th to 46th Street, and sidewalk on east side of Dean Road from Meadowside Court to Teutonia

$353,034: Option 3, sidewalk on north side of Dean Road from 52nd to 50th Street and on the east side of Dean Road from Meadowside Court to Teutonia

$301,499: Option 4, resurfacing of Dean Road only, without any new sidewalk

Below: Interactive map of affected area near Teutonia Ave., Dean Road, and Meadowside Court.

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