Bayside trustees approve decreased budget, flat levy

Drop in property values increases tax rate

Nov. 20, 2012

Bayside - Bayside will spend less in 2013 than last year and keep its levy flat.

The Village Board last week approved an approximately $9.2 million budget and levy of nearly $4.4 million. Due to an estimated 8 percent decrease in property values around the village, the tax rate will increase to $7.71 per $1,000 of assessed value, up from $7.07 last year.

Factoring in the decreased values, Village Manager Andy Pederson projects the average Bayside homeowner will pay $2,405 - about $3.22 more than last year - to support the village budget.

Bayside's levy has increased approximately 1 percent since 2009, and has stayed flat the last three years despite increased costs and decreasing nontax revenues.

Pederson said after the meeting that the village saved money for the coming year through the creation of the Bayside Communications Center, and a variety of small cuts and adjustments throughout the budget, though Bayside residents won't see a reduction in service.

"We were able to (create the 2013 budget) while preserving the same level of service," Pederson said. "There are no services cut as part of this."

Sanitary sewer and stormwater utility fees are set to increase by $1.17 and $ .92 respectively, to $408 and $150 annually. The increases, Pederson pointed out, are meant to cover past and future infrastructure costs.

According to a budget overview provided by Pederson, in the coming year the village will continue to invest in infrastructure and technology, continue to implement its emerald ash borer management plan, and introduce changes in the village's personnel manual and employee benefit levels.

Village trustees approved the budget and levy unanimously, congratulating Pederson and other village administrators for their work.

"I think it was very well done," Trustee Daniel Muchin said. "Very appropriate financially for the time, and I think a lot of energy went into it."

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