Bay awards more stormwater work

Lays more groundwork for formation of utility

Nov. 6, 2012

Whitefish Bay - Whitefish Bay is on the track to having an operational stormwater utility by next July.

The Village Board on Monday voted to award a contract in the amount not to exceed $73,810 to AE COM/Crispell-Snyder for the development of a stormwater utility.

Assistant Village Engineer Aaron Jahncke said AE COM/Crispell's proposal offered the best value of the four proposals submitted.

Cost estimates provided in the proposal ranged from $55,600 to $67,100, depending on the services utilized, Jahncke said. Board action awarded the contract for the maximum amount, plus 10 percent contingency.

The village already has borrowed $50,000 for the project, which will be rolled into the stormwater utility, Jahncke explained. The amount spent of the remaining $23,810 will be included in a future borrowing and paid for by the future stormwater utility.

"This will be setting up the stormwater utility so that at the completion of their work we'll be able to actually implement it?" Trustee Jay Miller asked.

Jahncke confirmed that the project cost covers all of the work needed to create an operational stormwater utility. AE COM's expertise is in creating stormwater utilities, Jahncke said, with more than 20 in the Midwest alone.

The village also has worked with Crispell as a consultant on some of its other projects, Jahncke said. Crispell will serve primarily as the "frontman" of the project, while AE COM will do more of the actual work, he said. Village Manager Patrick DeGrave added that in his experience working with Crispell, the firm has done a great job, particularly on the public education component of projects.

Under the proposal, development of the stormwater utility will take place in three phases, Jahncke said. If the village is not satisfied at any point, it has the option of opting out after the first or second phases, he added.

The village's request for proposals specifies that the selected firm will be responsible for beginning and/or completing several tasks of the project before the end of the year, including completing utility budget/revenue and billing option reviews and land use/impervious area analysis, and initiating sample analysis and a pre-implementation study.

In 2013, AE COM/Crispell is expected to work with staff to conduct a rate study/billing system review, draft an ordinance and credit policy, and develop an implementation plan, including a public relations and outreach program, among other duties.

The final phase of the project, adoption of a stormwater utility ordinance and release of the utility to the village, is tentatively planned for July 2013.


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