Bayshore hit, too

Manager estimates losses exceed $500,000

July 28, 2010

Glendale — Portions of Sears and Boston Store at Bayshore Town Center have remained closed since last week's storms, although Boston Store expected to reopen its basement area as soon as today.

Town Center Manager Chris Jaeger said Sears took the brunt of the onslaught, with water coming in all five entrances. About two-thirds of the store has been closed since Friday, with the appliance and tool areas still open.

Boston Store had flooding in its basement, the location of its home goods and children's and infants' departments, and closed that area of the store while it was being dried out.

"At one point the Town Square (located in the center of the development) was eight inches under water," Jaeger said. "Once they opened the drains on I-43, the water went right down."

The state Department of Transportation blocked drains on the interstate in the area of the Good Hope and Green Tree road bridges to prevent debris from the bridge construction from entering the drains, which led to the flooding of the interstate.

Jaeger estimates the damage at Boston Store and Sears alone to be in excess of half a million dollars.

- Mary Buckley

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