Kasle's contributions are incalculable to district

May 5, 2010

Public Forum:

On behalf of the Maple Dale-Indian Hill Education Association, I would like to thank Joe Kasle for his years of service on the Maple Dale-Indian Hill School Board. He was elected to the board at a difficult time in labor relations. Through his endeavors, he created a dramatic difference in the situation. He listened respectfully to all parties and was able to foster a mutual understanding that had been lost.

By encouraging other like-minded people to run for open board positions, he has created an outstanding board with whom we share a mutual respect. This benefit to the students of the district and the community is incalculable.

The Maple Dale-Indian Hill Teachers Association wishes Mr. Kasle the best in all his future endeavors. Any organization will benefit from his involvement, integrity and sense of commitment to all that he undertakes.

Annette Evans

president, Maple Dale-Indian Hill

Education Association

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