Teenage 'ninja' charged after attack in woods

Boy accused of striking student with machete near Nicolet High School

May 5, 2010

River Hills — A 16-year-old River Hills boy who dressed as a ninja and attacked a 14-year-old Bayside boy in the woods behind Nicolet High School was charged in juvenile court Monday with substantial battery.

The boy, who is home-schooled and not a Nicolet student, pulled a 2-foot long machete from a sling on his back and struck the younger boy just above the right eye, while saying he was "protecting the land," police say. It took 20 stitches to close the wound.

According to Police Chief Tom Rischmann:

On the day before the April 27 assault, two female Nicolet students were confronted by a boy wearing a black ninja-style mask that only exposed the eye area, black tight pants, a black long sleeve shirt and black shoes. He was carrying a long thin sword, and bow and arrow. He drew an arrow back in the bow and pointed it at the girls, who then fled.

The following day, after school, a group of four Nicolet boys went into woods behind the high school at 6701 N. Jean Nicolet Road to look for the ninja. The school owns a large wooded area that abuts wooded tracts in River Hills.

The victim briefly split away from the group and was confronted by the suspect, hit in the head with the machete and dragged down a hill. The assault took place on private property.

As the Bayside boy made his way back to the school to seek help for his head wound, several of the others followed the suspect and saw him enter a house, which they later pointed out to police. The boy was taken into custody that night. Police also confiscated a sword and machete found at the house.

Nicolet District Administrator Rick Monroe said even though the incident was not school related, officials have been taken steps to address concerns about problems in the woods.

The school posted no-trespassing signs at the edge of school property last fall after receiving complaints from neighbors about students using the area as a shortcut.

Monroe also said he went to the woods after school on the day after the attack to see whether students were continuing to use the shortcut and didn't see anyone.

"The police are confident this is an isolated incident and there is no one else doing this," he said. "We did send a message to parents saying a student was assaulted and there is a suspect."

The suspect appeared at a hearing at the Milwaukee County Children's Court Center on Monday and will continue to be held in secure detention pending a second court date today.

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