Officials warn residents about contaminated water scam

April 9, 2010

Your water is fine. Don't return the phone calls.

That's the advice from Fox Point and Whitefish Bay police chiefs Tom Czaja and Bob Jacobs. Both departments have received a phone call from a resident reporting an automated call that advised the water in their homes needed to be tested.

The call back number was a disconnected number, Czaja said, and the call appears to be a scam.

The North Shore Water Plant supplies water to Glendale, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay and parts of Bayside and Mequon.

Plant Superintendent Eric Kiefer said the water is safe and there should be no cause for any concern. The plant tests the water on a monthly basis as required by the EPA. There is no need for any resident to get their water tested by a private company.

Czaja said there are many types of scams going on currently and this appears to be another one.

Both Czaja and Jacobs advise residents to ignore the calls.

If you live in Fox Point and receive a call, you can call the Police Department to report it at (414) 351-8914.

In Whitefish Bay, Jacobs said residents could notify the water department at (414) 962-6690.

There have been no reports of the automated calls in Glendale, Bayside or Mequon.

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