Fox Point Village Board (2 seats)

Voters Guide for April 6 election

March 24, 2010

Eric Fonstad (inc.)

Age: 62

Employer/occupation: Corporate Attorney, Assisted Living Concepts, Menomonee Falls

Education: law degree, UW-Madison, 1973

Years in community: 7 1/2

Family: married; one daughter

Related experience: Village Board member, three years; no other attempts for public office; more than 30 years experience working with public company boards of directors, which involves many of the same kinds of issues and procedures as village government

Why are you running for office? I want to continue to serve the residents of Fox Point so that I can help preserve and enhance the residential character of the village, find ways to maintain services that residents value, address the long-term challenges facing the village, and keep Fox Point an attractive place to live.

What is the number one issue in this race? Fox Point is known as a desirable place to live. The number one issue is how to maintain and enhance Fox Point as a desirable place to live. If we do that, in the long run, we will be able to maintain services without burdening residents with taxes and fees.

Name one other key issue in this race.

The most difficult issue facing Fox Point is what to do about three projects that need to be addressed in the near future. Each one of the projects, the North Shore Library renovation/expansion, renovation/rebuilding of the Fox Point pool, and rebuilding the Bridge Lane ravine footbridge, is challenging.

Why should residents vote for you this spring?

I prepare thoroughly for Village Board meetings, I challenge village staff to defend their recommendations and am available to any Fox Point residents who have concerns about the village. I bring extensive management skills and experience and truly enjoy serving the residents of Fox Point.

Douglas Frazer

Age: 52

Employer/occupation: tax attorney; shareholder, DeWitt Ross & Stevens

Education: law degree, Northwestern University School of Law

Years in community: 16

Family: married; one child

Related experience: first attempt at public office

Why are you running for office?

I offer a fresh perspective. Democracy works best when it can breathe. This can happen only if there is reasonable turnover of board membership.

What is the number one issue in this race?

Sensibility, fiscal responsibility and shared services. Over the past 12 years, the Fox Point village slice of the tax pie has steadily increased. We must do better at managing costs.

Name one other key issue in this race.

Fox Point is a great place. Village population, however, is in decline. We need to attract young families. The best way to do this is to lower taxes.

Why should residents vote for you this spring?

I'm the best candidate for the job. If residents are happy with the status quo, stick with the incumbents. If residents want a new direction, vote for me.

Sandy Garmer (inc.)

Age: Did not respond

Employer/occupation: Did not respond

Years in community: Did not respond

Education: Did not respond

Family: Did not respond

Related experience: Did not respond

E-mail: Did not respond

Why are you running for office?

Did not respond

What is the number one issue in this race?

Did not respond

Name one other key issue in this race.

Did not respond

Why should residents vote for you this spring?

Did not respond

Craig Kaplan

Age: 55

Employer/occupation: CPA, Internal Revenue Service

Education: M.B.A. in accounting

Years in community: 21

Family: married; five children

Related experience: business owner; executive level positions in local companies; significant experience in strategic planning, project implementation and organization management

Why are you running for office?

There are two things lacking with the current Village Board: fiscal responsibility and visibility with the constituents. Our fees have doubled in the past three years; our tax rate is the highest of all comparable local municipalities. Few people know who the current trustees are or how to contact them.

What is the number one issue in this race?

The fees that are continually imposed without approval from the constituents and bypass limits on the taxing authority are rapidly making our community too expensive for many. I would roll back the fees and require future fees to be approved by the constituents.

Name one other key issue in this race.

There is no visibility of elected officials in our community. They do not attend events such as the Fourth of July parade and are unapproachable unless you have an agenda item during the monthly Village Board meeting. I would have open quarterly forms where constituents can view their issues.

Why should residents vote for you this spring?

I have the fiscal, managerial and planning experience to turn our village around. There is too much complacency on the board. They do not treat the issues from the taxpayers' viewpoint. We need to take back our village and return to accountability.

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