Woman donates land for green space

Jan. 26, 2010

Almost an acre of vacant land on Jean Nicolet Road at Montclaire Avenue will be donated to the city for use as green space, pending a final agreement between the city and the estate of Violet S. Winston.

The personal representative for the estate, James Winston, offered the land with the stipulation it be used as a playground, community garden or similar public green space. If developed for a park or garden, Winston asks that a sign designate the area as Winston Park.

The land would transfer as of Jan. 1, 2010 for tax purposes under an agreement that will be worked out between the estate and City Attorney John Fuchs.

City Administrator Richard Maslowski said the land was never developed because it is not connected to the sanitary sewer. The city does not have any money budgeted for its development, but Maslowski said costs would probably be similar to a tot lot playground developed several years ago in another area of the city for about $30,000.

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