Miller would bring mixture of skills to Village Board

March 24, 2009

Public Forum:

Silver Spring revitalization, aging infrastructure and, increasingly, public safety challenge the Whitefish Bay community. These issues do not have simple solutions, especially in light of the current economic situation.

Whitefish Bay can meet these challenges with experienced and effective leadership on the Village Board - leadership willing to listen carefully, give attentive consideration to all sides of issues and then make thoughtful decisions to move the community forward.

We believe Village Board candidate Jay Miller brings the perfect combination of skills and personality to address difficult issues in difficult economic times. We have worked with Miller as volunteers in Whitefish Bay for 15 years and have seen him demonstrate a smart, thoughtful approach to issues along with sound judgment and strong leadership skills. Whitefish Bay will be well-served by Miller on the board.

Vote for Miller on Tuesday, April 7.

Connie Gavin

Bob Rothacker

Whitefish Bay


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