White's past attendance records shameful

March 24, 2009

Public Forum:

Mike White is running for village trustee of River Hills. This is not the first time that White has run for election. In the past, he was elected to the school boards of Maple Dale-Indian Hill and Nicolet. Voters should be aware of White's shameful attendance record while on those boards. In 1993, the North Shore Herald ran a story concerning the attendance records of elected officials in Milwaukee County. The paper noted that of all 345 elected officials in Milwaukee County, White's meeting attendance record was the worst of any elected officials.

While on the Maple Dale-Indian Hill board, White missed 43 percent of meetings. While on the Nicolet board, White missed 41 percent of meetings. It is obvious why he was designated Missing in Action by the newspaper.

I do not doubt White's desire to become a trustee. What I do wonder about is White's commitment to the residents of River Hills. No one forced White to be on those boards. If one is elected, wouldn't you think that the very least one should do is attend meetings? In my opinion, White's past attendance record demonstrates a lack of respect, dedication and commitment to the residents of River Hills.

White is the owner of Rite-Hite Corp. What would he do if he had an employee with an attendance record like his own? River Hills residents need to be informed and deserve a village trustee who will take the job seriously and attend meetings.

Richard Abrams


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