Beer garden rejected at Parkview

June 18, 2014

Brown Deer — Parkview Pub will go another year without an outdoor beer garden, as the Brown Deer Village Board rejected its request for a conditional use permit Monday, June 16.

The pub, located at 7651 N. Teutonia Ave., first received its conditional use permit for an outdoor beer garden and recreational activities in 2008. The permit was revoked in 2012 because the bar never fulfilled one of the original permit conditions: that an electronic identification card scanner be installed to verify customers' age and create a paper trail to track down rowdy patrons. The pub installed an ID card scanner in 2012, but it wasn't being used to record all patrons, and bar staff were unable to produce a printout or list of scanned IDs when asked by police.

The bar also had past issues with people drinking outside of the areas allowed by the permit.

The bar's owner, Jill McNutt, unsuccessfully attempted to get the permit reinstated last year, and on Monday night, she was denied the permit for a second consecutive year.

In her permit application, McNutt asked that the card scanner requirement be eliminated, as well as a requirement that the bar have a landline telephone to facilitate emergency communication with the police department. She also asked to extend the hours of operation until 10 p.m.

Appearing before the Village Board Monday night, McNutt said calling the Brown Deer Police Department from an outdoor landline is more time-consuming and confusing than calling 911 on a cell phone. She also said bartenders are better equipped to identify a fake ID than an electronic card scanner.

When applying for the permit this year, McNutt also noted that the police department has not received any complaints about site conditions, crime or public nuisances since the beer garden permit was revoked in 2012.

Village President Carl Krueger said the issues with the police department and village staff should have been ironed out before reaching the Village Board level.

"My strong suggestion to you is to work with the police department to resolve the issues that exist with regard to those items," he said.

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