Roemer's endorsement of Siegel for village president

March 19, 2014

Public Forum:

For three of the six years that I served on the Village Board, Julie Siegel was president. In April, I will vote to re-elect her. Following are significant reasons why:

Julie understands that leading the village means pursuing the right course of action for the whole village.

She has considerable knowledge from serving on the Plan Commission and Community Development Authority and representing the village on the Northshore Fire Department Board and the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council.

The continuity of leadership that her re-election will afford will be invaluable as we hire a new village manager.

Despite statutory limits on property tax increases, Julie and the board have consistently implemented budgets that maintain the quality of life and safety that Village residents expect. This has been accomplished in part because Julie promotes partnerships/cooperation between not only village departments and staff, but also between the village and resident organizations.

Julie's leadership was instrumental in the board's 2012 adoption of a 15-year $105,000,000 capital plan that integrates much-needed storm and sanitary sewer improvements with routine projects in a financially responsible manner. A key piece of this plan is the $4,191,000 grant that FEMA awarded the village in 2013 to pay much of the cost of the Cahill stormwater detention basin and sewer improvements that will significantly reduce surface flooding in neighborhoods surrounding and southwest of Cahill.

Julie grew up in a commercial real estate family and understands the redevelopment process and the inherent risk/reward tradeoff. She also understands the positive impact that residential development will have on retail sales along Silver Spring and is an ardent supporter of Beaumont Place.

I could go on about Julie's contributions to Whitefish Bay, but the contributions I've noted above make a strong case for her re-election. Please join me in voting for her April 1.

Jim Roemer

Whitefish Bay village trustee


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