Department trustee's thanks and endorsement

March 19, 2014

Public Forum:

It has been an extremely gratifying experience to have been a Village of Brown Deer Trustee for a community that is so dear to my heart. Brown Deer has been my home for most of my life, and I am extra proud of that. Six years as Village of Brown Deer Trustee has been challenging and worth every minute of it when the outcomes for the betterment of Brown Deer. I could not leave my seat without giving thanks and appreciation to those who supported me and provided valuable input during my trusteeship. I will continue to support Brown Deer in other avenues, and embrace the continual changes and improvements for years to come. I look forward to the newcomers on the Village Board, and was honored to be acknowledged by Sherry Yusuf, candidate for Village of Trustee, as one I support to follow in my footsteps. Brown Deer will continue to thrive and be successful as long as we as Brown Deer residents continue to protect our community, and get INVOLVED. Thank you Brown Deer!

Andrea Weddle-Henning

Brown Deer Village Trustee

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