Man arrested for taking $3,300 worth of items from Sendik's

Feb. 14, 2014

A man was arrested on Jan. 31 for taking more than $3,300 worth of items from Sendik's Fresh2Go.

According to the Bayside police report:

The man, age and residence not released, worked as a demonstrator for a food company working at Sendik’s Fresh2Go, 340 W. Brown Deer Road, over a number of days.

The store discovered items missing during an inventory, and the man, who was then questioned, admitted taking the items but not eating or selling them, just storing them at his home. He blamed an anxiety disorder for the thefts.

He was found in possession of about 25 items valued at $281. He and police then went to his home but the man would not let them in, saying it was a relative's home and that relative was ill. He went in and came out with more than 70 items valued at $1,510.

Some of the stolen items were not recovered.

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