Attracting businesses will help Brown Deer reduce tax burden

Jan. 31, 2014

Public Forum:

While knocking on doors and visiting businesses all over the village of Brown Deer, I have gained an appreciation of many diverse points of views and suggestions for our village's future. Residents are excited about the news that Walmart has purchased the vacant Lowe's site on Brown Deer Road. More than 75 jobs will be created, grocery shopping choices will improve and the vitality of Brown Deer Road will be enhanced. The Walmart will help the village property tax base long term with a guaranteed $11 million assessed minimum value which may offset residential property taxes.

Beaver Creek: Residents want owner-occupied units there with current zoning. I agree with this stance.

Taxes: Many residents and businesses voiced their frustration to me about our high taxes and low assessed values. Attracting new businesses to Brown Deer could offset future residential taxes. A Dunkin' Donuts on Green Bay Avenue is coming in the spring, which is a positive step. The vacant gas station on Brown Deer Road could be re-developed into a coffee shop, bank branch and/or physical therapy clinic. On taxes, I agree that elected trustees must carefully review public budgets just as your family must budget every day.

Police and fire services: I am in favor of maintaining excellent police, fire and paramedic services. Our police and fire personnel deserve our thanks. I am open to ideas that maximize efficiency, promote public safety and make sense in the long term.

By spending your money at village businesses, you help stabilize our village property tax base which helps everyone.

I believe in the people of Brown Deer, our families, our diversity, and a better Brown Deer for you. I ask for your vote Feb. 18 or by absentee in advance of Election Day. (Absentee's available through Feb. 14.)

Bruce Thomas

Brown Deer

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