Are Fox Point officials afraid of a bridge survey?

Published on: 4/24/2013

Public Forum:

Now, Mequon has joined the ranks of municipalities like Bayside, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay in sending surveys out to all the residents of the community in order to get a feel for how the residents react to current village focus topics and concerns.

The village of Fox Point has circulated surveys in the past requesting resident input about the size, color and location of residential garbage cans but even when receiving repeated requests from fiscally conservative residents, the Village Board finds some obscure reason to delay such a survey covering topics such as the expenditure of $3 million on a capital project as obscure as the Ravine Lane footbridge.

One wonders if there is a reason why the Village Board procrastinates on seeking such taxpayer input or are they just afraid that when all the residents finally are made aware of the cost of this obscure relic they will find out that such a large amount of taxpayer funds could be put to better use?

Bob Cory

Fox Point