President's report to be staple in Brown Deer magazine

Jan. 9, 2013

Brown Deer - A request from residents to have the village president's report in each issue of "Our Brown Deer" magazine was granted at a Village Board meeting Monday night.

The magazine was started in 2012. Three issues have been printed, and the president's report was to run in every other magazine, rotating with either a report from the Brown Deer superintendent, School Board president or the village manager. The magazine comes out three times a year.

The Brown Deer newsletter, which was replaced by the 30-plus page magazine, featured a report from the village president in each publication. Residents were accustomed to seeing the report and wanted it to continue being the norm, according to Village President Carl Krueger.

"The debate is that the citizens want to see a village president's report in the magazine whenever it comes out," he said. "The (editorial) committee was apparently unaware of that and basically the end of the story is that the committee agreed that there is no objection to having a village president's report in the magazine."

The village manager has final approval of each issue.

The committee was directed by the Village Board to include the president's report in each issue. Extra space will be needed to make room for a message from the village manager, superintendent or School Board president in any future issue. There is $24,000 budgeted annually by the village for the production, printing and distribution of a community publication. In 2012, when "Our Brown Deer" magazine was founded, none of the three issues cost the village more than $5,883.50, according to village documents.

The School District also bears some of this cost, providing $2,000 for each publication.

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