Police Report: Dec. 28

Published on: 12/28/2012


Reports not available.


1A 17-year-old Brown Deer girl was arrested Dec. 4 for theft of another student's calculator valued at $130 at Brown Deer High School, 8060 N. 60th St., during the day Nov. 15. The arrest was made after the girl was seen using the stolen calculator which she then admitted taking. She also said she burned the back of it to delete the owner's name and knew stealing was wrong.

2A smartphone valued at $700 was taken from a man as he waited outside Pick 'n Save, 9200 N. Green Bay Road, at 11:30 p.m. Dec. 4. The victim said a man walked up to him and asked to borrow his phone to use its light to find his phone lost in his car. The victim said he felt strange about it but did give the other man his phone. That man then opened his car door occupied by two or three others, swept the phone around as if looking for something and then got in the car and drove away with the phone.

3Two 15-year-old girls, of Milwaukee and Brown Deer, were mailed citations for disorderly conduct at Brown Deer High School, 8060 N. 60th St., at 12:45 p.m. Dec. 6. One of the girls was drinking juice from a box when the other girl confronted her about which was the best juice to drink - a generic or a brand juice? That girl then knocked the juice out of the other's hand. No injuries were reported.

4A 43-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for theft and possession of a tool to remove theft detection sensors at Kohl's, 9060 N. Green Bay Road, at 3 p.m. Dec. 9. The man used a pliers to remove sensors from five pairs of Levis valued at $302 and left the store but was stopped and police called.

5An 11-year-old Milwaukee girl was cited for battery and a 12-year-old Brown Deer girl for disorderly conduct after they got into a fight at Brown Deer Middle School, 5757 W. Dean Road, at 7:45 a.m. Dec. 12. The older girl had a minor injury to her face.

6Two cars were broken into and backpacks taken at the YMCA, 9250 N. Green Bay Road, between 3 and 6 p.m. Dec. 17. The window of one car was broken and a door lock of the other was pried open each causing $250 damage. Both backpacks were recovered in a Dumpster in the 4100 block of West Schroeder Drive later that night. A calculator and a computer accessory valued at $100 were missing from one and nothing from the other.

7A women's engagement ring and wedding band valued at $800 were taken from the laundry room of an apartment building in the 4100 block of West Rivers Edge Circle about 1 p.m. Dec. 14 and reported Dec. 15. The owner said she took the rings off while pouring bleach and forgot them. She notified the manger but the rings were not found.

8A 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass valued at $14,000 was taken from a locked garage in the 9000 block of North Park Plaza Court on Dec. 17 or 18. There was sign of forced entry. The owner said the car was in mint condition and he recently had a new motor and transmission installed.

9A 19-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for theft from Kohl's, 9060 N. Green Bay Road, at 3:25 p.m. Dec. 21. The man took sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts valued at $322 and got into a car with two women and a child and drove off. The car was stopped in the 5000 block of West Brown Deer Road and as police spoke with the man, the child said, 'The clothes are back there' pointing to the back seat. The stolen items were found behind the fold down seats.


10A female, age and residence not available, was arrested for obstruction, a warrant, trespassing and theft with a habitual criminal enhancer at CVS Pharmacy, 8661 N. Port Washington Road, at 3 p.m. Dec. 18. The woman, who had been banned from the store for a previous theft, was seen putting six bottles of alcohol valued at more than $150 into her purse. When an employee attempted to stop her, she fled to the back of the store taking the bottles out of her purse and putting them on shelves. The woman has had five convictions for theft since April 2011.

11A Milwaukee woman, age not available, was arrested for theft at Best Buy, 8755 N. Port Washington Road, at 9:25 a.m. Dec. 19. The woman put items valued at more than $800 into a box including two electronic readers and ran from the store. When police told her to stop, she dropped the box and attempted to flee in a car driven by another woman. That woman said she'd been paid $100 to drive the suspect but denied having anything to do with stealing. The arrested woman, who has three prior theft convictions, is a suspect for thefts at stores in Menomonee Falls and Wauwatosa.


12A 44-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for theft at Kohl's, 5650 N. Bayshore Drive, at 6:15 p.m. Dec. 20. The woman, who was in the store with her four children ages 8 to 16, took items valued at $150 into a fitting room with one of her children and removed bar codes. When arrested, she said she had taken the items for her daughter's 8th birthday.

13Two Milwaukee women, 18 and 20, were arrested for outstanding warrants and for theft at Children's Place, 5664 N. Bayshore Drive, at 4:45 p.m. Dec. 21. They entered a fitting room with clothing, value not listed, took off some sensor tags and left the store setting off the alarm.

A 48-year-old Glendale man was arrested for battery and criminal damage to property both domestic violence related after hitting his wife and smashing her electronic tablet at 3:30 a.m. Dec. 22. The man fled the scene before police arrived and the woman was able to call for help. She told police he got home about 3 a.m., was angry and hit her as she sat in bed. The man was reached by phone and returned to the residence. He denied hitting his wife saying he just pushed her after she pushed him. He was taken into custody.

14A 22-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest/obstruction at La Quinta Inn, 5110 N. Port Washington Road, at 7:26 a.m. Dec. 22. The woman, who was not the renter of the room, came to the lobby yelling that there was a bug in her room. The room was checked, there was no bug and she was told she had to leave. It was then she threatened the clerk saying she would return and 'beat the (expletive) out of her.' She fought with officers and spit in the face of one hitting him in the eye. A spit hood was put over her face and she complained she had a hard time breathing because her hair weave now covered her face. The hood was adjusted.

15A woman reported the theft of her wallet from her purse at Bar Louie, 5750 N. Bayshore Drive, before 7 p.m. Dec. 22. The woman canceled the credit cards. Later, she was called and told someone had attempted to use one of her cards at Best Buy in Fox Point to purchase items valued at more than $2,700. The purchase was declined.

16A 22-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and driving with a suspended license after causing a disturbance at Bayshore Town Center, 5800 N. Bayshore Drive, at 4:40 p.m. Dec. 24, her birthday. The woman was recognized as being banned from the mall and was asked for an ID. She refused and began to yell profanities. She did leave, got back in her car and sped through the center driving though a stop sign.


No reportable incidents this week.


17Credit cards were taken from a car in an unlocked garage in the 3900 block of North Prospect Avenue on Dec. 18 or 19.

18Checks and a small amount of change were taken from a car in the 1800 block of East Lake Bluff Boulevard on Dec. 11 or 12 and reported Dec. 20. The theft was discovered when at least one of the stolen checks was cashed.

19A 2001 Ford Explorer, value not listed, was taken from an unlocked detached garage in the 2100 block of East Edgewood Avenue between 11 p.m. Dec. 21 and 8 a.m. Dec. 22.

GPS units valued at about $150 were taken from two cars while parked in driveways in the 3500 block of North Downer Avenue and in the 2400 block of East Newton Avenue on Dec. 21 or Dec. 22.

Unlocked cars were entered but nothing taken in the 4100 block of North Murray Avenue and the 4600 block of North Woodburn Street on Dec. 20, 21 or 22.

20A counterfeit $10 bill was reported at Baker's Square, 1305 E. Capitol Drive, on Dec. 23.


21A water meter was reported taken from the basement of a foreclosed home in the 4800 block of North Berkeley Boulevard on Dec. 14 to Dec. 26. The village is being contacted in case they removed the meter.

22A Delafield man reported being the victim of a road rage incident in the 4600 block of North Lake Drive at 10:30 p.m. Dec. 19. He said another driver punched him in the face and then drove away.

23A 26-year-old Whitefish Bay man was arrested for disorderly conduct after arguing with a relative in the 4700 block of North Hollywood Avenue at 4 p.m. Dec. 23. The man was highly intoxicated and after his arrest was turned over to a responsible party.

24Vandalism was reported in a stairwell and hallway of an office building in the 300 block of East Silver Spring Drive sometime from 8 p.m. Dec. 22 to 4:40 p.m. Dec. 23. Paint was sprayed in the south stairwell up to the second floor and then down that hallway. The amount of damage was not listed.

25A department store bag with $200 of perfume inside was taken from a car in the 5100 block of North Lake Drive within five minutes of 3:36 p.m. Dec. 24. There was no information if the car was secured.

26A 2001 Chevy Prism with keys inside was taken from the 2000 block of East Glendale Avenue before 5 a.m. Dec. 27. It was recovered in the 4400 block of North Oakland Avenue that afternoon at 1:15 p.m.

27A digital media player and earphones valued at $110 and $100 cash were taken from a man's unlocked locker at the Jewish Community Center, 6255 N. Santa Monica Blvd., between 6:45 and 8 p.m. Dec. 27.


Reports not available.