High school students cited after setting up fight via Twitter

May 7, 2012

Two 16-year-old boys of Milwaukee and Glendale were mailed citations last week after taking part in a "planned fight" at Whitefish Bay High School coordinated through social media.

According to the police report:

The boys had tweeted each other to set up the confrontation on April 30. The Glendale boy said he didn't want to fight but had no choice after a large group of students gathered around them to watch. The fight began around 3:15 p.m. in the boys locker room.

The Glendale boy punched and kicked the other boy and fled the scene but gave himself up a few blocks away.

The Milwaukee boy was found semiconscious and bleeding and was treated by a school nurse and North Shore rescue. When his mother arrived, she refused transport, and drove her son to a hospital.

The Glendale boy was cited for battery and the Milwaukee boy for disorderly conduct.



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