Will candidates that signed recalls represent everyone?

March 21, 2012

Public Forum:

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get some information on our various school board candidates beyond the crafted fliers we find hung on our mailboxes? Well, this year we all can get some insight at www.iverifytherecall.com. Before you vote, find out if your candidate(s) signed a petition to recall Gov. Walker. In Brown Deer, I can verify that Dennis Lowder and two on his slate of candidates (Sherard and Schofield) signed. Neither Mike Bembenek nor Kevin Klimek is listed.

Why is this important? Maybe it doesn't matter to you (and that's OK), but ask yourself these questions. Can we trust a candidate who signed the petition to properly represent the interests of the residents and their children? Whose interests should a School Board member represent? We absolutely expect all School Board members to act professionally and negotiate in good faith with all school employees but if push comes to shove, whose backs are we expecting them to cover?

Finally, without the money that Brown Deer saved as the result of Act 10, do you think that the recent referendums would have passed? If your answer is no, how does that reflect on each candidate and their actions? Think, then vote your conscience!

Greg Eggold

Brown Deer

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