News & Notes: Nov. 23

Nov. 23, 2011

Brown Deer schools set to use ACT preparation system

Brown Deer - As a result of $9,000 in unexpected Federal Educations Jobs funds handed down from the state, the Brown Deer School District will be able to use a new ACT preparation method in the second half of the 2011-2012 school year.

The Naviance Method is an online, computer based ACT preparation system. Juniors, as well as other interested students, will have time in school and at home to complete preparation lessons over a 12- to 15-week period.

According to Brown Deer High School Principal Jim Piatt, staff members will be able to view students' results in order to ensure that students are progressing and identify subject areas where students are struggling.

With that data, according to Piatt, instructors should be able to improve the progress of individual students with focused efforts based on test results.

The preparation system cost, as presented to the School Board by Piatt, will not exceed $3,800.

Nicolet administrator outlines school tax distribution

Glendale - As a school district spread across four communities - one straddling two counties - the amount of money taxpayers will contribute toward Nicolet High School in the 2011-12 school year will vary by municipality, Business Manager Jeff Dellutri said.

Tax rates in Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale and River Hills have fluctuated, according to information from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue data based on property sales.

When tax bills come out next month, Glendale residents will pay 0.15 percent less in taxes toward Nicolet for the current school year. Other communities, however, will be paying more. Bayside residents in Milwaukee County will pay 7.62 percent more, while taxpayers in Ozaukee County will pay an additional 9.31 percent. In Fox Point, property owners will pay 11.54 percent more toward Nicolet, and in River Hills an additional 9.97 percent.

The Nicolet tax distribution in 2012 is as follows: 15.26 percent in Bayside (Milwaukee County), 0.63 percent in Bayside (Ozaukee County), 27.29 percent in Fox Point, 43.83 percent in Glendale and 12.99 percent in River Hills.

Brown Deer cop named woman police officer of the year

Brown Deer - The Brown Deer Police Department announce that Officer Melissa Fus was awarded the Woman Officer of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Association of Women Police last month.

The Woman Officer of the year Award is to be awarded to any female law enforcement officer in Wisconsin who has distinguished herself as follows: consistently above average performance in day-to-day assignments; demonstration of dedication to community and or to the law enforcement profession above and beyond work activities; demonstrating by performance of work related act(s) within the past year, exceptional courage, leadership, initiative, innovation, and dedication; and, displaying and maintaining a professional demeanor and reputation.

The Brown Deer School Board is also recognizing Fus for her performance at the schools.

For details on the nomination submitted for Officer Fus, go to

Postal survey asks which city should be dominant in 53092

The US Postal Service announced that the Preference Survey for all addressees in zip code 53092 was mailed on Tuesday. Recipients will be asked to select one of two options:

Option 1 - retain Thiensville as the "actual city" for 53092, with Mequon as an "acceptable city."

Option 2 - change the "actual city" for 53092 to Mequon, with Thiensville as an "acceptable city."

If Option 2 is preferred, the USPS software database and website will be updated. This database provides zip code information to mailers and all zip code-base users - commercial, business, charity, government, etc.

The post office location will not change, nor will anyone's mailing address.

Responses must be received by Dec. 5, using the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope provided.

Bay enters into contract for Fourth fireworks

Whitefish Bay - The Village Board on Monday approved a contract with Bartolotta Fireworks Co. for the Whitefish Bay fireworks show at Klode Park on Independence Day in 2012.

The village will pay Bartolotta $8,000 for the show.

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