Bay residents OK lower school levy after focusing on recreation

Sept. 8, 2011

A small group of determined residents almost succeeded in hijacking the Whitefish Bay School District's annual meeting last night. About 18 to 20 residents came to the meeting bent on forcing a $700,000 reduction to the tax levy.

They failed but got the attention of the School Board, which will discuss funding of the Recreation Department as an agenda item at a future School Board meeting.

Recreation Department funding was one of two issues the group focused on in remarks at the meeting. The other item was teacher benefits. Michael Braun and Jamie Kowalski, who led the fight against the referendum for school improvements and additions, had the support of other residents in the attempt to reduce the levy.

After motions and countermotions aimed at trimming the levy, the residents at the annual meeting approved a levy of $21,267,910, a $1,000 reduction from the levy presented for approval by the School Board. The vote to approve was 20 yes, 18 no.


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