Parking restrictions still a hot topic in Shorewood

Aug. 9, 2011

One man's meat is another man's poison. That sums up the reaction to two-hour parking restrictions on north/south streets south of Capitol Drive in the congested residential commuter area, the southeast quadrant of the village.

Residents near Capitol Drive who live on north/south streets such as Farwell Avenue love the program, which limits long-term parking in front of their houses. Businesses and apartment managers in the area, whose employees and residents need to park in the congested area, fear a two-hour restriction will hurt businesses and unfairly target apartment dwellers, some of whom already pay for night parking permits but under the new rules for the area, would be required to get a day time permit as well.

When the Village Board began discussing a change in parking regulations for the area, it was focused more on preventing University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students and staff from parking all day on streets close to the university.

The village plans to work with a group of trustees, business owners and residents to see what can be done in the northern part of the area for businesses and apartment dwellers.

The area north of Capitol Drive currently has unrestricted parking on its streets, but changes south of Capitol Drive could create parking woes in those areas, officials said.

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