Bay exploring options to fight county redistricting

Published on: 8/2/2011

Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor asked for the Village Board's assistance with the Milwaukee County redistricting issue, one that Taylor says could have a negative impact if it is not revisited.

The County Board voted on a plan to reduce the board by one seat, from 19 to 18. In drawing the map for the new districts, the North Shore's 6th District was eliminated. The plan cuts Whitefish Bay in half and leaves current Supervisor Joe Rice without a job.

Taylor is also the chairman of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council, made up of all the municipal leaders in the county. The ICC and many local governments sent resolutions to the County Board, opposing the plan.

'They are apparently not listening,' Taylor said Monday night. 'If the municipalities go 'Oh, well, it is up to the County Board' and go about their business, there will be less and less respect from the County Board. I think the suburbs are going to suffer.'

The Village Board met in closed session after the regular meeting, with Taylor joining them.

After the closed session, the board authorized village staff and the village attorney to partner with the ICC in a quest to get the county to revisit redistricting, Village Manager Patrick DeGrave said Tuesday.

'At this point it is an exploration to determine the options that might be available,' DeGrave said.