News & Notes: May 18

May 18, 2011

Businesses park use-fee approved

Whitefish Bay - Based largely on the popularity of boot camp groups that use village parks to conduct their exercises, the Village Board on Monday approved a $10 per day administrative fee for for-profit groups that use the parks.

In arguing for a lower fee than the $15 that was proposed by village staff, Trustee Kevin Buckley suggested that if Elm Grove charges $10 per day for the same thing, then Whitefish Bay should be able to match that.

"These are our parks, and we want people to use them," Buckley said.

Some neighbors who live on the periphery of the parks where the boot camps take place have complained about noise from blowing whistles and other activities as early as 6 a.m., Buckley said.

Trustee Richard Foster cautioned against making the fee too high, or requiring for-profit groups using the parks to have their own insurance.

"This is a problem not in need of a government solution," Foster said.

Electrical demolition approved for Cumberland School

Whitefish Bay - A contract to demolish electric service to street lights at Cumberland School has been awarded to Wil-Surge Electric in the amount of $23,380, following action by the Village Board on Monday.

The school district needs the outdated high voltage feed removed in order to finish remodeling the bathroom located above the electrical room, according to a memo from Village Engineer Aaron Jahncke.

Three transformers that date back to the 1920s will have to be tested for PCBs as part of the demolition project.

The work is expected to be completed in time for the beginning of the fall semester.

Public hearing set for ditch rehabilitation project

Brown Deer - A public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. June 20 to take residents' comments on special assessments for new culverts and driveway approaches that will be installed in County Line Estates subdivision as part of this summer's ditch rehabilitation project.

Ditches along West Donges and Ravine Lanes and North 49th Street and parts of North 45th and 47th streets will be excavated and graded to allow proper drainage from both the streets and private property.

Educational foundation makes donations

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside Education Foundation made two donations to the school district on May 16. District Administrator Rachel Boechler said a $13,000 grant will be used to purchase a mobile laboratory for Bayside Middle School and a $5,000 grant will buy trade books for Stormonth Elementary School.

Junior Woman's club donations total $2,700

Brown Deer - Debbie Wazniak and Erin Epping of the Brown Deer Junior Woman's Club presented checks totaling $2,700 at the Village Board meeting May 16. The checks made up 32 percent of the club's contribution budget, Epping said.

Donations were as follows: $100 to the North Shore Health Department for thermometers; $100 for the Beautification Committee for the annual clean-up day; $200 to the North Shore Fire Department for fire prevention materials; $500 to the Police Department for a ballistic tactical vest; $500 to the Fourth of July Committee for parade/picnic expenses; $500 to the Park and Recreation Committee for benches in the pool improvement area; and $800 to the Brown Deer Library for the purchase of a laptop computer and wireless capacity for the Community Room.

Village seeks volunteers for committees

Brown Deer - The Building Board and Board of Review have vacancies that need to be filled as soon as possible, Village Manager Russell Van Gompel said. Anyone interested in serving can apply by going to the village website,, click on My Government and then on committees to download an application.

Village prepares to use eminent domain to secure land

Brown Deer - The Village Board authorized the use of eminent domain to take a small piece of land on the corner of Arbon Drive and Brown Deer Road. The land is needed for traffic lights on the corner.

The board also authorized an offer of $900 to Mutual Savings Bank for the piece of property.

Right of way necessary on the other corners has previously been acquired from those property owners.

Board names new director of teaching and learning

Brown Deer - Greg Schaffer, the current principal at Dean School, was named the school district's director of teaching and learning, replacing the retiring Terry Brecklin. Schaffer will continue to be paid his current salary of $88,932 in the new position.

The School Board appointed Schaffer on May 16. The board also accepted the resignations of fourth-grade teacher Colleen Rooney, instructional and technology director Brian Scheibach, and high school chemistry teacher John Wanner.

School district hires two staff members

Fox Point - On May 16 the Fox Point-Bayside School Board hired two women to fill staff positions in the district.

Kathy Myles will fill the .6 FTE position of director of teaching, learning and assessment. Myles currently has the same position in the Menomonee Falls School District.

Prior to serving as the director of teaching, learning, and assessment for the district, Myles was an elementary school principal and a middle school associate principal in Menomonee Falls. She has served as a gifted and talented Resource teacher, and has taught at the K5, third- and fourth-grade levels. Myles earned her master's in educational leadership at Marian College and her bachelor's in elementary education at UW-Madison. She will earn $63,600 a year.

Amy Kohl was hired as the full-time director of business services. Kohl is currently the business manager for the Whitnall School District. Prior to that, she served as the business administrator for the Plymouth School District. She has also been a bookkeeper in the Brown Deer School District and a business manager in the Erin School District. Kohl earned her master's in school business management at UW-Whitewater and her bachelor's in business administration at UW-Milwaukee. She will be paid $97,000 a year.

City prepares to redraw aldermanic districts

Mequon - Within the next 60 days, the city must adopt ward boundaries and redraw aldermanic districts to accommodate the impact of the downsizing of the Ozaukee County Board. The city will have seven supervisory districts instead of nine as the board drops to 26 districts instead of 31. The new districts are larger both in size and population.

The population of wards, the smallest geographical unit, can range from 600 to 2,100 people. Redistricting is done every 10 years based on the results of the U.S. census. Mequon gained 489 residents but the population in the city shifted, with a portion of the southeast section of the city losing 250 or more residents. The north and west areas of the city showed increases in population.

District restructures business office, anticipates savings

Fox Point - The Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District has released Rosey Van Aernum, assistant business manager, from her contract. Van Aernum, who has worked under a shared services agreement with Glendale-River Hills, has been offered a full-time position that includes the responsibilities of a business manager and assistant business manager.

Maple Dale-Indian Hill held Van Aernum's contract, necessitating the release that was approved last week by the School Board.

Gary Swalve, Maple Dale-Indian Hill's business administrator, said Van Aernum's vacancy will be absorbed through a reconfiguration of three existing positions. He anticipates a savings to the district of $19,000.

School Board OKs two new Chapter 220 students

Fox Point - The Maple Dale-Indian Hill School Board last week agreed to accept two new students into the district through the Chapter 220 student transfer program with Milwaukee Public Schools.

The district currently does not have any students through the program, which offers direct transportation from the student's Milwaukee residence to Maple Dale-Indian Hill's schools at the expense of MPS.

Whitefish Bay school staffing remains steady, despite cuts

Whitefish Bay - Although the district is bracing for a projected cut in state aid of about $2.1 million, officials are planning to maintain steady staffing levels in the 2011-12 school year.

The School Board last week approved a staffing plan that cumulatively reduces 0.6 full-time equivalency certified teaching positions across the district. A total of 215.84 FTE teachers are planned for 2011-12; this year there are 216.44 FTE teachers.

Staffing in all other employee categories is slated to remain flat: 11.46 FTEs for administrative staff, three FTEs for confidential staff, 10 FTEs for support staff, 20.5 FTEs for secretaries, 32.7 FTEs for teachers' aides and 28.3 FTEs for custodial and maintenance.

The board's action includes plans to eliminate a full-time teaching position at Cumberland Elementary School and a full-time guidance counselor. However, the cuts were offset by the addition of 1.4 FTE staffing increases in special education.

Staffing was approved based on projected student enrollment. The district is anticipating a 21-student increase in 2011-12, from 2,579 this year to 2,600 across the four schools in Whitefish Bay.

McDonald's to get second drive-through

Mequon - McDonald's will add a second drive-through line to speed up its ability to take orders at the restaurant at 11250 N. Port Washington Road. Traffic backs up around the restaurant during peak hours on many days of the week.

Some parking stalls will be eliminated on the east side of the building, but 75 percent of the traffic on the site is drive-through vs. 50 percent a few years ago, according to Assistant Director of Community Development Jac Zader. The revised site plan will include parking for buses.

Mequon Nature Preserve receives grant for pond program

Mequon -The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, through its C.D. Besadny Conservation Grants, donated $948 to support a Pond Life program through which children investigate the ecosystem of a pond in the Streich Family Wetlands, at the Mequon Nature Preserve.

The C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant Program promotes the responsible stewardship of Wisconsin's natural resources at the local level by providing matching grants for small-scale, natural resource projects and programs. Named after C.D. "Buzz" Besadny, former head of the Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Foundation co-founder, the program honors Besadny's dedication to the conservation of Wisconsin's natural resources; funds are also provided from the Foundation's Teachers' Outdoor Environmental Education Fund. Public and private organizations, including schools, and governments may apply for the grants.

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