Walker, Walcott win River Hills

April 5, 2011

Willard Walker and incumbent Wendy Walcott edged out incumbent Larry Boyer in the River Hills Village Board race.

The vote total, according to unofficial results:

Willard Walker - 416 votes

Wendy Walcott (i) - 376 votes

Larry Boyer (i) - 313 votes

A majority of River Hills residents narrowly voted for Jeff Stone over Chris Abele in the Milwaukee County Executive race and David Prosser over Joanne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race.

In state and county races, the village vote total was, according to unofficial results:

County Executive

Jeff Stone - 474 votes

Chris Abele - 277 votes

Supreme Court

David Prosser - 501 votes

Joanne Kloppenburg - 275 votes

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