Whitefish Bay board agrees to move dispatch to Bayside

Published on: 4/5/2011

The proposal to move dispatch services to the Bayside dispatch center took a giant step forward Monday night when the Village Board agreed to move Tri-Community Dispatch, serving Glendale, Shorewood and the village to Bayside.

Glendale is expected to vote on the move next Monday, with Shorewood following on April 18.

The three communities as the Tri-Community group will contract with Bayside. They will share the dispatch costs based on the formula now used to distribute costs among the three communities, population, valuation and an equal share.

Fox Point and River Hills are already Bayside dispatch customers. Dispatching for the North Shore Fire Department, now done by Tri Community Dispatch, would also move to Bayside, leaving Brown Deer as the only member of the Fire Department that has not made a decision on joining the center.

A recent study done in Brown Deer indicated the village would save money by joining , but the Brown Deer board is waiting for another report from the Police Department on remodeling and capital costs. The report will be presented May 2. The contract proposal can move ahead with six or seven communities.

Under the terms of the resolution adopted last night, Whitefish Bay village staff will finalize contract negotiations with Bayside. The village will also include $400,000 for its share of capital costs in an upcoming sale of bonds later this month. Should Glendale not agree to move ahead, Interim Manager Matt Schuenke said the $400,000 could be removed from the bond sale.

Schuenke said the dispatch move will save the village money over the long term, provide better service and free up space at Village Hall. The Tri-Community Dispatch Center is located in the basement of Village Hall.

Bayside officials say the new dispatch center could be operating in the spring of 2012. Bayside will build an addition to Village Hall to house the expanded center.