Szumski would bring leadership to Village Board

March 23, 2011

Public Forum:

On Tuesday, April 5, Whitefish Bay residents will have the opportunity to elect a new Village Trustee. We are writing in support of Brenda Szumski, who is a write-in candidate.

We believe that Village Board candidate Brenda Szumski brings forth the perfect combination of leadership, skills, experience and personality to address the difficult issues that our community is currently facing.

Brenda has strong leadership skills and will be able to ask the right questions to see that relevant information and multiple points of view are considered. She is a diplomatic problem solver who will be able to address issues and determine the best course of action for the village of Whitefish Bay and its residents. We believe that the residents of Whitefish Bay will benefit from having Brenda serve as Village Trustee.

We strongly encourage you to write-in Brenda Szumski for Village Trustee on April 5.

Corrina and Tom Trettin

Lori and Hugo Rojas

Whitefish Bay


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