Griffin, Williams deserve election to School Board

Published on: 3/23/2011

Public Forum:

On Feb. 16, two other members of the organization Positively Brown Deer and me held interviews with all four of the candidates for the Brown Deer School Board. Positively Brown Deer is an organization whose main focus is on actively and accurately promoting the positive aspects of our wonderful community.

Based on our interviews, we recommend Dennis Griffin and Gary Williams as the most qualified to best represent our students, teachers and community. We further maintain that both Mr. Griffin and Mr. Williams are better suited to lead our schools forward continuing our high commitment to our student's education while maintaining a proper level of fiduciary responsibility to the community.

Both Mr. Griffin and Mr. Williams are long-time residents of Brown Deer and are parents of Brown Deer students or graduates. Mr. Griffin currently serves as president of our School Board, and Mr. Williams served as a member from 2007-2010. Both candidates have extensive experience in many voluntary positions throughout our community and are well versed in the complicated financial and educational processes.

Many people forget how important our local government is. Please make sure to vote April 5.

Leah Roberts

member, Positively Brown Deer