Board eases Internet access usage policy

March 2, 2011

Nicolet — The School Board voted on Monday to change the district's Student Acceptable Usage Policy, allowing students access to district computers and Internet without their parents' prior consent, among other things.

According to Nicolet School District Director of Technology John Reiels, the policy as it is creates an unnecessary paper trail, and sometimes harms students when they can't use computers because their parents forgot to sign the permission form.

"We don't ask our parents to sign forms stating that their kids will conform to other rules, like if they'll be on time to class," said Reiels, "and (if they didn't obtain permission) we were locking students out of educational opportunities."

The wording of the policy was also tweaked in areas to better reflect federal guidelines, according to Reiels, but aside from the removal of a permission form, "operationally, nothing really changes."

- Michael Meidenbauer,


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