Realtors support Nicolet referendum

Published on: 3/2/2011

Public Forum:

As Realtors in Milwaukee's North Shore, we support the Nicolet High School referendum that will appear on the upcoming April 5 ballot.

When assisting home buyers and sellers, we educate our clients about those factors that add value to the home purchase. One of the most significant factors is the quality of the area school districts. Whether you are a single person, an empty-nester or have a family, the reputation of the schools in your district can add or detract from the value of your home and its ultimate selling price.

Nicolet High School has always been known for an extremely high quality of education and programming and has historically made its district a very desirable one in which to live. Failing to pass the referendum on April 5 will have significantly detrimental effects on the district's high standards and consequently a direct impact on home values within the Glendale, Fox Point, Bayside and River Hills communities.

Your home values are at stake as much as the children's education if the referendum fails to pass on April 5.

Flo Carneol

Pam Grant

Sandy Kent

Fran Maglio Wallace

Lara McAvoy

Mo Quinlevan

Sharon Szatalowicz

Rachel Bloch

Maureen Zander

Debbie Rice

Natasha Duvall

Jim Young

Doug Nie

Joyce Michaels

Cathy Zeiler

Ken Michaels

Nancy Kresse

Mary Sherrod

John Gelfer