Nicolet referendum involves all of us

Feb. 16, 2011

Public Forum:

On January 27, the Nicolet School Board voted to place a referendum on the April 5 ballot to offset the significant budgetary shortfalls facing the district over the course of the next decade. Here are the facts:

• Nicolet High School is facing a deficit of more than $10 million over the next five years without this referendum.

• This projected deficit is due to state funding revenue caps, declining student enrollment and rising operating costs of the school.

• Despite increasing budget challenges over the past 20 years, Nicolet has avoided going to a referendum by cutting back on staff, administration, programs and classes. The School Board and administration have taken painstaking measures to minimize the effects of these cuts on our students.

• Without a referendum, the proposed cuts for next year will have a direct impact on the students' quality of education and programming that Nicolet is known for throughout the nation. This is a reputation that makes Nicolet High School a flagship school district in the state and a reason to move into our community.

• The proposed cuts will result in the elimination of foreign languages, performing arts and AP classes, increased class sizes, and reduced coaching staff, physical education teachers and academic support programs.

Without the passage of this referendum, the quality and reputation of Nicolet High School is at stake. As concerned residents and voters of the combined Nicolet communities of Glendale, River Hills, Fox Point and Bayside, we believe that if Nicolet suffers, we as a community will suffer. Research has shown that good schools equate with enhanced property values. As the quality of our school diminishes so does the value of our own properties. We realize that several of the feeder school districts have had recent referendums and that Glendale-River Hills is proposing one for this upcoming election. It is important to remember that quality public school education does not end in the eighth grade and must continue through high school.

Between now and April 5, we implore all residents of the Nicolet High School District to spread the word about the need to pass this referendum. Whether you are single, elderly, or with or without children in the public school system, a "yes"vote for the Nicolet referendum is necessary for the future of all of our communities.

Sue and Allan Carneol

Shawn Green-Smith

Steve and Myra Russek

Gina and Mark Teper


Mary Beth Mills

Laura Weisman

Fox Point

Phil and Janet Santacroce


Virginia Linabury

River Hills

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