Cross country teams represented BDHS well

Nov. 17, 2010

Public Forum:

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the Brown Deer cross country banquet that signaled the end of the teams' season. In today's society, when we often hear a lot of negative things about our young people, it was refreshing to see a group of young men and women who have their priorities straight.

This group has worked hard all year long and has received little attention. They are a small group and have competed against much bigger teams. Even though their teams did not win a lot of meets, they have had a number of personal successes. Throughout the season, they worked hard and supported each other.

They have done an excellent job representing Brown Deer High School by consistently demonstrating good sportsmanship, team pride and school spirit. Most importantly, they have had fun participating in a healthy, positive activity.

We would like to thank coach Matt Bub for the excellent job he did in motivating the team and setting a great example for how to compete.

The members of the 2010 boys and girls cross country teams were Sam Bach, Chris Burant, Horst Burmeister, Jasper Drummond, Carolyn Hermsen, Curt Hogg, Chris Jones, Karla Lamb, Megan Padgett, Thomas Simms-Manske, Brian Victor, Matt Weichart and manager Jim Hendrickson.

You may have seen them running on 60th Street, down Bradley Road to Brown Deer Park, or training during the summer. If you see any of these athletes, thank them for the excellent job they have done in representing Brown Deer and congratulate them on a fine season.

John and Phyllis Hermsen

parents of a cross country runner

Brown Deer

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