News & Notes: Aug. 22

Aug. 22, 2012

Village Board revokes Parkview permit

Brown Deer - The Village Board voted Monday to revoke Parkview Pub's conditional use permit for an outdoor beer garden.

The vote came after an Aug. 13 recommendation from the Plan Commission, which had previously given Parkview a 60-day period to address violations of the use permit and subsequently decided that those violations had not been properly addressed.

Parkview patrons will still be able to use the outdoor space and horseshoe pits, said Trustee Tim Schilz, though alcohol will no longer be allowed in the outdoor area.

A big thanks to Bob Brunner

River Hills - The village was without an appointed Village Manager from January to June of this year, but fortunately for River Hills, it had Village President Robert Brunner.

To thank Brunner for the time and effort he volunteered to perform many managerial duties, the Village Board voted last Wednesday to adopt Resolution 2012-15, which was presented to Brunner as well.

The resolution, which was passed unanimously by the board, documents "the sincere appreciation of each and every member of the Village Board."

Fox Point-Bayside lunch program detailed

Fox Point - The Fox Point-Bayside School District announced Monday its policy for students unable to pay the full price of meals.

Parents or guardians interested in free or reduced meals need to fill out application forms included in school registration packets, which will be reviewed by district administrative staff.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Administrative Assistant Christie Odenwald at (414) 247-4167.

Seats available for citizens police academy

Glendale - Six seats remain open for an upcoming Citizens Police Academy, according to Glendale police officer Joel Dhein.

The academy starts Oct. 4, and meets from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for 10 weeks, covering topics like media relations, narcotics enforcement, crime prevention and weapons demonstration.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and either live or work in Glendale.

For more information, contact Dhein at (414) 228-1741 or at

Mequon residents urged to check mail listings

Mequon - It came to the attention of Highview Drive residents recently that their addresses were still recognized as being in Thiensville by the Post Office.

Area Post Master Anthony Tobias told North Shore NOW that the issue had been addressed, that "we had our people in Milwaukee check the database," and that Highview Drive was the only mislabeled area of Mequon.

Mequon resident Warren Stumpe is advising other residents to check their addresses on the Post Office website to verify the Mequon listing. He said that if any problems are found, residents can contact him at and he will contact the Post Office on their behalf.

Village passes ordinance for nonconforming structures

Bayside - The Village Board last week approved an ordinance that amends the zoning code for issues involving nonconforming structures.

Any existing nonconforming structures - which could include garages or other adjacent buildings to a home - can be rebuilt if they are destroyed or damaged from weather conditions, mold, infestation or similar circumstances.

The caveat is the structure needs to be rebuilt within the same footprint as the previous structure.

Bayside denies appeal for false burglar alarms

Bayside - At the recommendation of staff members, the Village Board has denied an appeal to have a $50 false alarm fee reversed.

The village has an ordinance on its books that gives staff members the authority to impose a fee after a second false alarm is sounded.

Scott Franklin, a representative of the Ruth Kohler Revocable Trust, requested the appeal for false burglar alarms sounded April 27 and May 3 at a home in the 200 block of West Coventry Court.

The alarm system had not been used for an extended period of time, but had been reactivated upon Kohler's death.

In a letter, Village Manager Andy Pederson recommended against the appeal.

"One of the primary reasons our false alarm ordinance was enacted was because numerous responses to false alarms detracts from the normal and necessary public safety work," Pederson wrote.

New ordinance strengthens enforcement of property maintenance

Bayside - The Village Board last week approved an ordinance that outlines staff members' ability to handle property maintenance violations, particularly in cases involving repeat offenders.

The ordinance includes a stipulation that any fees incurred by the village can be charged back to a property owner.

The document also states offenders have to specify if a staff member is not permitted on private property, meaning such instances as grass cutting could legally be performed, without incident, unless a resident states otherwise.

The ordinance also states any permits and licenses will not be granted until all outstanding issues are rectified.

Bayside officials outline 2012 capital improvements

Bayside - Village Manager Andy Pederson has outlined and updated the Village Board on a number of capital improvement projects that have been under way in the community.

Pederson went over five projects that include street work, sewer projects and storm water improvements in various areas of the village. Work remains within budget and within preset time schedules.

This summer, the village also is tending to the Ellsworth Park Tennis Court by crack sealing and re-striping playing surfaces. The western courts have been reconfigured to accommodate pickle ball.

Bayside updates its wildlife management policy

Bayside - The Village Board has approved an updated wildlife management policy that is in compliance with the state Department of Natural Resources.

The policy includes 11 stipulations, including a provision any sharpshooting be done under the direct supervision of the village manager or police chief. Clear documentation also is necessary in each sharpshooting incident.

All representatives of contracted firms will be required to furnish sufficient documentation that demonstrates an ability to legally possess a firearm.

Bayside begins discussions on 2013 budget

Bayside - As a prelude to the heavy lifting that will be taking place in the months ahead, Village Manager Andy Pederson presented a list of guidelines for the village's 2013 budget.

The guidelines set the stage for the upcoming budget, which will be deliberated and ultimately approved in November.

Guidelines include a plan to examine energy efficient alternatives to offset rising energy costs, review existing fees for services and programs and examine other post-employment benefit liabilities.

The Village Board approved the document earlier this month.

Concordia move-in begins this week

Mequon - Concordia University Wisconsin will welcome freshman and transfer students from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 23, according to a Concordia news release.

Returning students are scheduled to move in between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Aug. 25, and opening service will take place from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Aug. 26.

Undergraduate classes begin Aug. 27.

Brown Deer board approves tweaks to several permit fees

Brown Deer - The Village Board on Aug. 13 approved several changes to the rates assessed for building permit fees.

Nate Piotrowski, community development director, said most of the changes pertain to plumbing and electrical permit fees. The village also has removed a fee for satellite dish installation - a line-item that harks back to the 1980s when the equipment was far bulkier than today's dishes.

For the first time, the village also will be assessing a $30 fee for fence installations. Piotrowski said the fee is designed to cover staff time associated with handling all of the necessary paperwork.

The board did not take action on one proposal within the permit fees, and that was a 50 percent reduction for any building permits issued to the Brown Deer School District.

Piotrowski suggested the reduction, based on discussions with district officials, but the board opted to hold off on the issue for an indefinite period of time.

Recent cleanup day deemed a success

Bayside - More than 400 vehicles participated in the village's recent summer cleanup day that was held July 15. Village Manager Andy Pederson provided a status report on the initiative at a Village Board meeting last week.

Pederson said a number of items were collected, including 8,640 pounds of scrap metal, 3,000 pounds of shredding documents and 294 gallons of latex paint.

The event doubled as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Residents dropped off numerous items that will benefit the organization, including 200 pounds of lumber, 200 pounds of hardware and two riding lawn mowers.

Results from recent village survey being tabulated

Bayside - The deadline for the village's recent communitywide survey has passed, and Village Manager Andy Pederson said he received a 25-percent response rate.

The survey touched on a number of issues, including levels of service, programs and capital improvements.

"Once final surveys have been tabulated, all comments and results will be made available to the public for review," Pederson said.

Resident appointed to Village Board or Review

Brown Deer - Howard Colbert has been appointed to the village Board of Review, a body that meets annually to examine the tax roll and correct any apparent errors in computation of dollar figures.

Colbert has been a village resident about 30 years.

North Shore gets a new 'bird city'

River Hills - Bird City Wisconsin announced in an Aug. 9 news release that River Hills is among two other Wisconsin communities recognized for a long-term commitment to "people, birds and other wildlife."

Bayside was recognized as a Bird City in 2010, and Whitefish Bay and Fox Point were recognized this spring.

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